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    Wine+X11 Update

    It crashed in installation for me. This is on 10.4.4 with a iMac Core Duo. Here is the error: wine: Unhandled page fault on read access to 0xffffffff at address 0x90823daa (thread 0009), starting debugger... FIXME : get_thread_context_ptrace unimplemented
  2. johnnybluejeans

    Wine+X11 Update

    This is the worst list of Apps to test under Wine that I have ever seen. Do you use a Mac? First off, there are already Mac versions of AIM and Google Earth. IE Sucks, you should really switch to Firefox regardless of your platform -- and there are Universal builds of Firefox you can get. Final release due out soon. VMWare? VirtualPC will be out soon enough. Ad-Aware?! It's a Mac, we don't have to worry about spyware all too much.
  3. johnnybluejeans

    x86 Xbench Results Thread

    Further proof that Xbench is a completely useless metric.
  4. johnnybluejeans

    network can't work with tiger x86 in vmware

    The vmware virtual ethernet emulation does not automatically work in VMware. There is a driver out there, check the wiki or search for it in the forums.. generally good advice before you post any questions in the first place.
  5. johnnybluejeans

    My Success

    Let me know if you have any luck with that soundcard in the laptop. I have a Conexant AMC Audio card as well. Have had no luck getting any output from it. The Mic works though.
  6. johnnybluejeans

    What web browser are you using? *State Here*

    Deer Park and Safari. Firefox is a little sluggish and has locked up on me. I don't really like Flash anyway, so I could care less about Flash support.
  7. johnnybluejeans

    Windows And Mac OS X in the same hd

    You could have found all of this information much more quickly if you spent about 5 minutes browsing the wiki and reading the forum. The answers are yes and about 6.5gb.
  8. johnnybluejeans

    Any dial-up success?

    mo....dem...? dial......up? ; )
  9. johnnybluejeans

    Powerbook XBench Score

    XBench is a universal binary, there is no reason to use Rosetta. It just slows it down and runs the PPC code unnecessarily.
  10. johnnybluejeans

    Powerbook XBench Score

    If you read the forums and take a look at the posted benchmarks for actual PPCs on the XBench site, you quickly realize that XBench is not an accurate benchmarking system for Apples, let alone x86 Apples. I've seen plenty of G4s scoring higher than G5s, G3s scoring in the 60s and 70s. XBench is BS regardless of the platform.
  11. johnnybluejeans

    Success with Gateway 450XL Laptop

    Setec: Yeah, built in ethernet isn't working for me. My M250 uses the Broadcom 5751 (unsupported last I checked). I'm using wireless now anyway with a Belkin USB Adapter. As for headphones, it was a no go. I even tried headphones in the mic jack. I think I've tried every combination of variables I could think of. Still no sound. ; (
  12. johnnybluejeans

    Working Wireless (USB and Ralink)

    Is anyone else experiencing the same problems with WPA as I am? Constant connection and disconnection...?
  13. johnnybluejeans

    Working Wireless (USB and Ralink)

    Ah, wonderful! I sent an email to Ralinktech last week asking if they would compile the WirelessUtilityUSB application as a universal binary, seems I got my wish. Previously only the driver had been compiled universally. WirelessUtilityUSB: Mach-O fat file with 2 architectures WirelessUtilityUSB (for architecture ppc): Mach-O executable ppc WirelessUtilityUSB (for architecture i386): Mach-O executable i386 Has anyone had any luck using WPA? When I use WPA it keeps connecting and disconnecting on a 5 second basis. WEP works flawlessly.. but I don't really trust WEP to keep anything safe.
  14. johnnybluejeans

    Working Wireless (USB and Ralink)

    I tried using both DHCP and configuring manually and had no luck connecting to my router using WEP or WPA... Sure your not picking up your neighbors connection? ; )