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  1. Would you not be able to put rd=diskXsY instead of boot-uuid=OSX-UUID? Note: of course replacing X with HD and Y with volume.
  2. I get to the point in Phase 4 - Step 5 where i enter; sudo ./update.sh ...Once this is typed in I get the following message; Updating EFI boot cache mv: rename /Volumes/EFI/System/Booter/Extensions.mkext to /Volumes/EFI/System/Booter/Extensions.mkext.previous: No such file or directory chmod: /Volumes/EFI/System/Booter/Extensions.mkext: No such file or directory chown: /Volumes/EFI/System/Booter/Extensions.mkext: No such file or direcotry done. Your guide then says to look at the 'update.log' file, this is what I see in there; kextcache: ??5: couldn't get volume UUID couldn't find any valid bundles to archive From what I'm gathering the second line about finding no bundles to archive is because I copied no kexts to the Extensions folder. As for the UUID message - I believe that's whats causing my problem... which is when I boot from the EFI partition it see's my Partition and I hit enter to boot, this is when my system immediately reboots, no matter what flags I try I get the same result. UPDATE: I've gotten to the point to where if I interrupt the boot and type; bt(0,1)/mach_kernel.voodoo rd=disk0s2 ... the system will boot - I've tried putting this in the kernel flags section of my boot.plist located in the following directories; /Extra/ /volumes/efi/ /volumes/efi/extra /volumes/efi/library/preferences/systemconfiguration ...but this doesn't help, if I reboot and either wait for the timer to count down (8 seconds) - or hit enter to bypass it... it just reboots the system. UPDATE 2: I was able to remedy my issue by copying the voodoo kernel to the root of the OS X partition as "mach_kernel"... but this means that I'm not using the actual mach_kernel.voodoo located on the in the root of the EFI partition. So I guess the question remains: is there a way to define the mach_kernel.voodoo from the EFI partition without having to manually type it in every time?
  3. Thanks for the very informative guide - I've made some progress but after I swap the CD with the retail DVD it hangs on the white screen with grey apple logo. If I boot in verbose (-v) it loads my kexts and sits at a black screen, my monitor stays on though. UPDATE: I think my issue is that I didn't do the following... rd(0,1)/mach_kernel.voodoo -v -legacy boot-uuid=YOUR_INSTALL_DVD_UUID_HERE Could this be? I'm going to go home on lunch to try that.
  4. THIS WORKED FOR ME AS WELL! TY SIR! I'm in the EXACT same boat as you are right now - if you find an answer... please let me know via PM!
  5. Alright - I'm getting another panic at Shutdown... this does not happen during a restart.
  6. ATI vs Nvidia w/Project osx86

    Have any developements come through for true 4870 support on OSX86?
  7. Alright - I just am using the onboard audio... working so far. Really my only outstanding issue is when I put all 8GB of RAM in, it won't fully boot... just hangs at the light blue screen before the login screen. No Kernel Panics though, so I dunno wassup.
  8. I also downloaded iPC PPF5 FINAL, I did try it once already but got the 'pmap' kernel panic error when I tried to boot off of the CD, whereas the iDeneb 1.4 did not. If I see more issues with iDeneb I may try the iPC PPF5 FINAL release to see if this works better for me. You mentioned you have "SB**" drivers installed - what SB card are you using and what driver did you use? Links and any other information you have for this would be appreciated.
  9. There must have been something I had configured in the BIOS for overclocking that the Kernel wasn't liking... after I set everything to default, I am now booted to iDeneb 1.4 (10.5.6). Time to start OC'ing everything individually until it pukes on me again. Well I found out that OSX didn't like my ref clock at 17x - so until there is a fix, I can't OC to 3.4ghz on my processor. Otherwise my memory timings are good. Outsanding Issues: - Mouse Lags when moving slow (annoying) [FIXED: SteerMouse] - Creative X-Fi Fatal1ty Driver needed
  10. Got past the original real-time clock Kernel Panic - now I'm onto another one... "pmap_flush_tlbs() timeout: " "sytem failing to respond to interrupt..." http://groups.google.com/group/xnu-dev/bro...11d0d9868ca757#
  11. Well I tried to rollback my BIOS to 0602, since the OSX86Wiki said that's what worked... But unfortunately I can't, not even after discussing with ASUS tech support via live chat. I was told I'd have to order a replacement BIOS chip with 0602 on it. I called the number provided and left a message with my request and I'm waiting for a call back from them now. Bump for more informaiton.
  12. Alright - I posted information here... http://groups.google.com/group/xnu-dev/bro...d0916e8d693df9#
  13. Bumped up for insertion of picture, it says to send a picture of the screen to the dev-team.... where might that be? Does anyone have any idea about this real-time clock message?
  14. Alright, did the reinstall selecting some other options - got a kernel panic from Voodoo 9.5.0 saying something about the RTC (Real Time Clock)... any ideas?
  15. Yeah, I can't even get that far... I'm going to try a few things tonight; - use only 2GB RAM (physical) - reinstall iDeneb 1.4 with custom options, I just left everything default on the first attempt. - currently downloading the distro you used to see if i have more luck with that.