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  1. Realy? On my p8p67 LE (!) it works fine. The apple rollback etc didn't work, every time kernel panic. I am running lion 10.7.2 (Build 11C48).
  2. I got the best way to get the sound fullyworking, http://www.kexts.com/view/1578-applehda_alc892_for_lion.html Using this Applehda. Everything works great on my Sandy-{censored} system expect USB 3.0 (who cares^^). And ofcause fully support by my 570gtx. I love it.
  3. DaDare

    Full Backup lion?

    Hello everone, today after some hours of testing my Lion(10.7.1) system works fine. So i want of full copy/backup of my HDD with Bootloader. If i do some stupid i just want to use the backup to get the status of now. Which is the best way to do it? Thanks a lot
  4. Hello, I've installed Snow Leopard retail on a usb HDD and internal HDD. It installed realy quick and fine. My system: Asus p8p67 le with the latest bios, intel 2500k, 8gigs of ram. Here is the problem: It wont load the kexts. Multibeat and the installer from the first post run fine, but the kexts wont load. I've tried it with the kext helper, but no chance. Any idea?
  5. I thought the HP311 and N510 have got the same Hardware... But the sound doesnt work... Have someone another driver?
  6. First of all, I'm happy to use OSX on my N510, but i havent seen some Audio driver for the speakers.. Can someone post it, any download link or filename.
  7. DaDare

    HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    Can someone upload the Sound Driver? I need them for my N510 (same Hardware)! Or can someone say me the name of the kext? Thanks a lot!
  8. DaDare

    Searing Atheros 5007EG Driver Snowleo

    It sounds strange, after I reinstalled the Kext the Airport "is working "again, But i cannot Active the Airport, i push the "Active-Button", i enter my PW and nothing happens, it's still unactive... Wlan is actually on (LED on my N510).... €dit: EXTREMLY NICE....... MY N510 doesnt boot anymore-.-' €dit2: Juhuuu^^ It´s working again, after I had repaired it via my USB Stick DVD SNow Leo Retail
  9. DaDare

    Searing Atheros 5007EG Driver Snowleo

    Yepp, and it looks like that this is a bug in Snow Leo 10.6.1 so i have to update to 10.6.2... Great with my DSL light (100mb per 40 Minutes!)... Lucky Boy-.-' And thank you for your support!
  10. DaDare

    Searing Atheros 5007EG Driver Snowleo

    SO I'm at home now. I installed the kext and add the Airport extrem passiv... So next i cant Active the Apple airport?!? KISMAC is loading Aplle Airport extrem, passiv mode all the time... *help* IT's going better and better -.-' After Reboot, the Apple Airport thing cant "see" a Network device-.-' Help ...
  11. DaDare

    Searing Atheros 5007EG Driver Snowleo

    And i have to do this every boot?
  12. DaDare

    Searing Atheros 5007EG Driver Snowleo

    Does it work? At the moment my N510 is @ home and i`m not^^, so i couldnt install the kext... I have to install the kext only via the kexthelper, right? CAN I install the update (10.6.2) without problems?
  13. Hello, i have installed Snow Leo (10.6.0) to my Samsung N510, everything is working, but there are the "great" Autheros 5007eg Wlan... It doesnt work... Have someone a .kext for the Wlan-Adapter? Greez €dit: I wish everyone a happy new YEAR 2010!
  14. DaDare

    SL on SAMSUNG N510 ION Netbook

    Hi duds, i have got a problem, i am realy new in the Macinthosh world. I´ve got a Mac with Snow Leo(^^), So this means: I opend the Disk Manger for HDD(dont know the real name yet^^), then i format the USB stick into GUID and HDFS+(?), next i go to "Recover" then i recover my Retail SL DVD to my USB Stick.... Then i Use the programm NEtbookinstaller to make Snow Leo bootable... Whats next? Reboot? Or what? I dont get it? Next step is : What should i here do? Using a 2nd USB stick to make the "bootloader"?) 3rd and 4th it´s quite easy: the Mac_kernel_modbin to the "Snow LEO" USB stick and the "DSDT" to the USB stick with Chameleon.. And there: If i do the steeps, the N510 starts, it bootet the Bootloader then after 1 or 2 secounds it restarts... I need help Thanks a lot team !
  15. DaDare

    Samsung N510 Installieren

    Ich habe genau das selbe Problem, hat jmd schon ne Lösung? Vielen Dank;)