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  1. Is there no driver for GT130M?

    Not sure if this will help you, but it helped me. I have an HP HDX 16T with a nVidea GeForce GT 130M 1 gb graphics card. I found out a succesful combination of enablers that made it run smooth. 1. Run the iAtkos v7 install disk and when it's time to select the custom install choices, select the following selections. Go in VGA > nVidea > Enablers and select "Natit", then go to VGA > nVidea and select either "nVidea GT 200" or "nVidea GT 200 EVGA". 2. Finish up the install of ONLY these two selections, reboot and hope it works for you as well As far as I was able to tell by installing them one at a time, "Natit" made the system able to 'see' my graphics card, but it didn' know what it was, and the "nVidea GT 200" looked at the now-visable card and adjusted it accordingly for my system. Hey, I found this out through trial and error, but I hope this will work for you as well. ----------------------------------------------------- ONE IMPORTANT NOTE I tinkered with my method a few times and found out that this method only seems to work on leopard 10.5.6 and above. Also, updating to a new Vanilla version does NOT interfere with the working graphics card.