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  1. Did anyone actually find a fix? I don't think a rebuild can be counted as a fix really...more of a give up and start again! Mines just piped up with the signal 8 this morning, after no sign of anything wrong. It can't be a disk error as I'm typing off my healthy windows partition as we speak, and the disk checked out. Surely its something in the filesystem thats given up and can actually be repaired?
  2. Hi guys I'm building my new Rackint0sh (looks great and definitely different), and I can't seem to get my gfx card correctly identified. I know I have to sort out my gfx card vendor ID but in which file do I add this, and where? Card is a Sapphire Radeon HD 3870 (PCIe) but is showing as a HD 3800.. Device ID shows 9505 but should be 9501. Do I amend this info in ATIRadeonX2000.kext or natit.kext, or something else? I cant find a value to change that makes any difference... This is my last thing to do, then I'm running a rock solid rackmounted OSx86 beastie! Thx johnselekta
  3. Installed on laptop, but restarts on boot.

    LOL. Yeah good call. My crystal ball says maybe try the Voodoo Kernel instead of standard Vanilla, I've hit this problem many times and this got me a little further. But as dothacker rightly points out you won't get an answer you like if you don't post your specs in full, there is no manual!
  4. Introduce yourself.

    Hi my name is johnselekta, I've successfully completed 3 OSX86 installs and am on my 4th, I have a plethora of hardware woes AND success stories to my name, fixed most though. I've been a Mac tech for many years (Since Mac OS 7), and have been using OSX86 machines daily for around 2 years. I love trying a new build, I'm a patient man! I'm currently typing this off my HP G60 notebook on 10.5.8 which has run almost flawlessly for a good year and a half ;-) Current project: Leopard-taming my Carillon AC-1 rackmounted audio PC (or Rackint0sh as we like to call it!)
  5. ALPS Glidepad Driver (2 finger scroll etc...)

    Works great on my HP G60 but I cannot alter the tracking speed of my mouse. I have it *almost* usable, vertical/horizontal scroll works, my tap-to-click is disabled which is EXCELLENT news. One thing is the PrefPane is not visible for my trackpad, nor does the calibration respond in the FFScroll prefpane. How would I manually change the speed of my mouse, can I edit a file? Thanks for all your work on this!! EDIT: My OS/setup is iDeneb 10.5.7 (Leo)
  6. Apple Airport Extreme card

    Hi I'm looking to replace my Atheros AR5007EG card as its a pain in the butt. There appears to be 000's of workarounds on here, none of which work completely for me (Leopard can see the card, but not connect using KisMAC), so I was wondering this. Will an AirPort Extreme mini PCI-E card work? If so and I wish to dual-boot, how will Windows 7 handle this, if at all? Anyone have experience of this? Apple part number is MA688Z/A - its only £23 too.
  7. Bumping this - I too have been looking for a straight answer to this question for a while now. One thing I know is that its NOT an AR5007EG, lol. From what I can work out, the best NATIVE one is an Apple Airport Extreme card, but if you want something DUAL BOOT like me its back to google hell.