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  1. Is GeForce 8400GS a good card for ML?

    Sorry I mean I need to add device id to nval50 in lion, but no need to do that in 10.8.
  2. Is GeForce 8400GS a good card for ML?

    Yes it works for me out of the box. Had to modify the kext in lion though.
  3. Could you please send me the package please? Thanks in advance. (jchonc@gmail.com)
  4. Yeah, search by nx9420, that one with ATIinject worked with nw8440. Chunnan's rev8 will make the PCMCIA working. For sound has to go found the universal HP laptop mute button fix.
  5. Yeah, pretty much everything else works for me except for: 1) Dual core, random lock up without cpus=1, sometimes can run with both core for a long time. 2) Graphics cannot do both monitor, but got 1680x1050 alright. 3) Won't wake up after sleep. (Vanilla 9.2.2) NIC has to use that set MAC script
  6. Hi I was just trying all the combinations in the forum about mobility x1600 on the FireGL V5200 but none of them work. Somehow get the feeling the EDID I got from phoniex 1.3 is wrong... So I guess 1400x1050 is the max we can get?