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  1. Toshiba NB200 Thread

    Hi, A week or so ago I started upgrading my netbook nb200 to Mac and have since upgraded to 10.6.2, only outstanding issue is loss of sleep. I have tried the updated sleepenabler kext to no avail. Also the update reinstalled the applehda kext freezing the beast on restart due to the conflict with voodoohda. Removing apple HDA once again solved this. Despite attempts I also cannot get the atheros card to go. It gets erroneously picked up as a quite different device id. Strange. I have tried the device id in system profiler and the one the machine supposedly has along with the atherosfix kext all to no avail. I notice this thread is rather dead but thought I would post in case anyone else has bitten the bullet with 10.6.2... Everything else seems to work although audio is still low. At least ethernet works and I now have a trackpad prefpane (was missing prior to 10.6.2) p.s. can't check bluetooth as this low end Toshie nb200 doesn't have it :-( All for now...