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  1. Ok, just to idiot proof this (because I had to re-interpret what what previously written for myself): What you want to do is: 1) Open the disk utility and find the hard drive with your linux partition. 2) Click on the large partition that does not overlap with any others (in this example, mine is the 158 GB ext 4 patririon) 3) Open terminal and type "sudo grub-install /dev/XXXX --force" (where XXXX is the "Device" found in disk utility - mine is "/dev/sdc1") You have to "--force" this because (to my limited understanding) Ubuntu doesn't want to install on this partition. 4) terminal asks for password (type this in ---- duh) 5) Reboot and Chameleon will recognize "Linux" with a nice picture of Tux
  2. I got my GTS 240 working by using EFI Studio (www.kexts.com) and applying the 9800GT when it asks which video card you're using. I believe the 210 is a similar previous model, you may have luck with an older model as well. (If it makes any difference, I am using the DVI to VGA adapter that came with my computer not dual dvi)
  3. My hardware..?HELP PLZ

    I plan on ordering the exact same model from Dell. Have you had any luck? Sorry I can't help, but if I figure anything useful, I'll let you know. Also you could try this thread: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=198542# It looks like he has similar hardware.