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  1. I threw up my hackintosh pictures, sorry the thumbnails don't seem to be working. I documented the hacking of the Dell case. http://www.hells-revenge.com/hackintosh/
  2. So long as the DVI port supports DVI-I you can use anyone's adapter. It's a physical adapter, no magic. DVI-I has both digital and analog, you need analog for S-video.
  3. I ran into a similar problem with a few hard drives. Reboot with the install media and run Disk Utility to see if you can either verify or repair the drive. I was not able to so I swapped it for another drive and the install worked fine. Another thought, wipe the drive clean before attempting to install it, I ran into issues with failed installs stopping another attempt. Other than that I have no suggestions. I have done three succesful installs of 10.6 and MANY failures As a former system builder I have loads of hardware so this kind of install is a great exercise for me.
  4. Dual CPU possible?

    I built a true hackintosh for my wife using a dual Opteron server motherboard. (You have to hack bits out of the computer case to fit the motherboard.) It runs great with one cpu but fails when I put the second one in, it actually turns off! These are dual core 2.6Ghz. AMD Opterons the machine runs fine but I'd really like to get the extra cores running. tnx for any help
  5. monitor goes to sleep

    disable monitor power off in the energy saver preferences and the problem will go away that worked for me
  6. So far I've done three Opteron Hackintoshes, 1 Leopard, 2 Snow Leopard. Good news, bad news, bad first: I have not been able to use the Arima 2XX series boards, I have two flavors, neither works. Of course they don't work for Windows 7 either. It looks like an ACPI issue, I tried EVERY setting including enabling the parallel port. I also tried a SuperMicro H8DAR-I with the same results. I've installed XP and Linux on these boards without an issue but Windows 7 and Snow Leopard are a no-go. The one board I have had great success with is the ASUS K8N-DRE boards from geeks.com. They're cheap, $13-$19 right now. The on-board video works but I don't use it. I installed a cheap Nvidia GeForce 8400 PCI-EXP video card and a Soundblaster Live! card. The Nvidea works fine but the Soundblaster requires a kext that I found on the net. I used the Hazard distro with modbin kernel, 10.6, NO UPGRADES. Upgrades will crash the system. So far I have only been able to run in 32 bit mode with only one processor. I have a matched pair of 285s that work great for the install but kill the machine on boot. I'll update when I get a fix for either issue. Oh, these boards are LARGE, they won't fit in a standard PC case without mods. I'll post my mods later. The easiest case to install these boards in is an old Dell with the removable CD ROM cage. They haven't made them for years but there are plenty around. I get mine for nothing at the dump, er recycling center.
  7. OSX86 Inefficient?

    I used unrarX on my Opteron machine and it worked about as fast as on my PC. If it's the ONLY program running slow use something different. If other programs run slow then you have a system problem. I plan to migrate to Snow Leopard since it's 64 bit. I didn't realize Leopard was only 32 bit until after I installed it on my wife's Hack. I'll build another to get the config right before I upgrade hers. I want to ensure EVERYTHING runs right. I ran into too many issues with Windows 7/64 not running loads of programs, but that's windows. I haven't had any problems on my linux boxes running old 32 bit programs on Fedora 64 bit.
  8. I'm pretty sure that's the kernel I'm running on my Opteron Hackintosh, so far EVERYTHING runs fine. The Opteron I'm using is equivalent to the AMD Athlon FX-51 but with dual cores. I'm running Safari, Firefox, Thunderbird, MsOffice, iLife, and Symantec AV. The only issue I found is that Firefox is a bit slow so we normally run Safari.
  9. I plan to post a tutorial on my dual core Opteron build with pictures. Pictures are required because it involves case modifications to make the board fit. (It's a server motherboard.) I was going to post with small images here with a link to my web server with full high resolution images and downloads required for the build. There will be no ads on the page, just the build info. I like to package everything in on place so people don't have to look around for it. I normally do this kind of thing since board storage is usually limited and some folks can't handle large downloaded pictures. (I build train/tractor stuff as well.) Just wanted to make sure it was okay to reference an external page from inside my tutorial. Like I said it will be the same content, just larger image files and drivers. Thanks
  10. What apps do I need? (newbie)

    Toast sounds like a good idea, no iWorks though, I installed MsOffice. Other than pictures she doesn't do much on the PC. Here's what she told me before I got started: "As long as I can do my online banking and check my email I don't care what I use." She spends most of her time surfing, sending email, and updating her Facebook junk. I was happy to see that iLife has a Facebook connect built in, that will make her life easier.
  11. What apps do I need? (newbie)

    Not yet, I'll give it a try. I currently have MS Office, Firefox, Thunderbird, Norton AV, and Cleanup My Mac. She's used to the Mozilla and MS stuff. I'm actually getting this ready for her while she's away for a few days with the kids.
  12. So I built a hackintosh for the wife now what apps do I get her? It's been years since I had a mac, maybe power PC family. I was an early adopter, purchasing my first mac from the second shipment of "own-a-mac" in CT MANY years ago. Then I moved into the PC business sector, I even worked for a manufacturer for years. (Synoptics/Bay Networks/Nortel) I'm used to tweaking my PCs for maximum performance so I need tools for that along with the basics. I just got her a digital video camera so some sort of EASY to use editor would be good as well. She's not that technically savy so whatever I do must be easy to understand or my son will end up doing it for her. thanks ahead of time El
  13. I finally got tired of my wife getting her PC infected all the time by clicking on {censored} with her PC so I decided to build her a hackintosh for low bucks since it's holiday time and I have little to spare. I used to build PCs for a living so I have loads of old "stuff" around. The list includes either what I paid for each item or what it's going for on ebay. $22.00 Asus K8N-DRE dual Opteron server motherboard (computer geeks) $10.45 AMD 2Ghz. dual-core Opteron w/1MB L2 Cache per core $7.88 Heatsink $20.00 2GB ECC DDR RAM $13.51 GeForce Video card $5.05 Sound Blaster Live! (kx project driver) $17.80 80GB SATA drive $12.99 CD/RW DVD combo drive (geeks) $6.00 Power conversion cables Free Dell Poweredge 500SC case $115.68 Total I installed iAtkos v7 using the voodoo kernel and whatever drivers were required. Video: The built-in video actually worked but only at 1024 X 768, the motherboard has ATI Rage Pro built-in. Not good enough resolution for the wife's HD monitor so I put the GeForce card in. LAN: STUNNING! It installed with the proper MAC address and worked flawlessly. Sound: None on motherboard so I put in a Sound Blaster Live! I had laying around. I just found a bunch more on ebay for $5.05. Motherboard: I like the Opteron boards, they are CHEAP and well made. There are a couple issues though. These suckers are HUGE! eATX I think, they won't fit in normal cases. The old Dell cases have a CD cage that is removable. You need to cut the lower section of the cage off to allow the motherboard to fit. No big deal to cut it or you could buy a server case. It only has two slots, one PCI and one PCI express. Just enough to put in a sound and video card. No clue if it works with dual CPUs, I'll try that on another build. The wife only needs one for surfing/email. One great thing is that the board has dual IDE and four SATA connectors. You could build a decent box around one of these. It does require an 8-pin 12 volt cable but you can buy adapters for that. I actually used the Dell power supply with no issues once I installed the adapter cable. If you shop now you could actually build it for closer to $100 since geeks is selling these motherboards for $13 this week. Conclusions: This was my third attempt to build a hackintosh, one used an HDAMA server board and the other is a Dell. Neither LAN card had a MAC address after installation, minor pain, but a pain none the less. The Dell sound didn't work either. This box has everything working and the performance is good as well. Would I do it again ... um, yeah, how can I complain about a machine that cost less than $120 AND runs this fast? More info: Creative driver: http://kxproject.lugosoft.com/ Motherboard: http://www.geeks.com/details.asp?invtid=K8...-PB&cat=MBB Case: Poweredge case is similar to most of the old Dell towers before they went to the clam shell design. Check your local dump, you'll find a couple.