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  1. Greetings and a happy chrismahanakwanasoltaramadanica, Obviously I'm new here but I have been researching the dual booting idea for a few weeks. I purchased a used Dell Latitude about 4 weeks back its ss2 compatible and I am in the middle of installing iDeneb today. I am trying a slightly different approach to many I've read up on since I have the tools to do it. I removed the lap tops Hard drive and connected it directly to my Mac desktop and am attempting to perform a direct install using an adapti bridge usb device, pacifist, and my DVD burn of iD to a disk formatted with two partitions. I reserved a small bit of space on one partition to install Ubuntu directly from the Dell so I can take advantage of its boot loader to run iDeneb on the Dell this approach might require some tweaks to ensure OSX boots up properly, but so far its going smoothly. I played around with it on the Dell a couple times with a little trial and error but the fact that Ubuntu recognizes OSX on the HD is promising (I had carbon copied the deneb install disc directly to the HD on a previous attempt to see if it would boot and install on the other partition at that point). I'm wondering if the Kernel that comes with version 1.3 (10.5.5) is sufficient enough or I should replace it with the voo doo kernel. I wonder has anyone used this approach and if so any advice would be appreciated.