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  1. It took me a little while to get around to this but I tried reformatting both drives and re-installing everything and I'm up and working again. I haven't installed the plugins that come with the ignition pack but I did install all of the audio plugins that are available in the 8.0.3 update. I skipped the video stuff though. If I find an issue with a specific plugin from the ignition pack I'll post it back but as of this moment I'm up and running!
  2. Thanks for the response. The install is vanilla with only one extra audio kext and the boot loader fix. It shows them on the 'media' volume, though I've tried moving it to the system disk and it seems to have the same behavior. Yes, case sensitive as well. It's on the SATA bus. Yes, I'm recording to the 'Audio' folder under the song folder containing the session file. Thanks again for your help. This is a clean install so I won't really lose anything but time by re-installing. Maybe I won't do anything but the vanilla install this time and see if PT works.
  3. I'm trying to get my Pro Tools LE system to work with a setup from the lifehacker article. Snow Leopard is running great but I couldn't get a PT install to work at all (my mbox 2 wouldn't light up) until the latest 8.0.3 release. Now it installs fine, starts fine, but I get a "Could not allocate space for recording!" message when I try to record a track. I've gone through the Digi Troubleshooting guide and searched around on their web site but no luck. I tried all this stuff for trashing preferences and digi databases then re-installed PT. In the workspace I verified that the disk I'm trying to record to is set to "R" for both modes (tho I don't have video). I'm tempted to re-install Snow Leopard but I can't think of a reason that would help. Setup: Gigabyte MB EP45-UD3P Intel Quad Core processor 4GB Ram 80 GB System Disk (7200 rpm) 1 TB Media Disk (7200 rmp) Mbox 2 with Pro Tools LE 8.0.3 I may revert back to Leopard for now and see if I can get it working there but it seems like I'm close to getting this working. If anyone's got ideas I'd love to hear 'em.