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  1. @NisseA This is a very useful thread that is made far less useful if you haven't attached the .zip that you refer to. The versions of the kexts within it might be critical to the success of forum members trying your method. Please upload it. Otherwise you might be wasting a lot of peoples time.
  2. Hi Jordidh, Looks like you don't need it by my K4000 in a z620 works perfectly on El Capitan using the kexts that were installed in the initial 11.0 installation I did. Updating to 11.6 broke the support but copying the 11.0 kexts over to the 11.6 installation fixed it again. Thought it was worth posting just in case someone else with a K4000 is wondering if it's worth the effort. Original post about it here Bill.
  3. No, I actually uninstalled the nvidia web drivers on the 11.6 installation before copying the 11.0 kexts across and I haven't re-installed them since. I will test that when I get a chance though.
  4. That's great, thanks guys. I'll try that as soon as I can. On the graphics card front, after stuffing up the dsdt I booted from a cloned backup I made of the initial 11.0 installation. I was surprised to see the graphics glitches were gone and the K4000 properly recognised in 'About This Mac' (after updating to 11.6 it was reported as Nvidia Graphics Chip 8MB or something). This made me wonder if the update to 11.6 caused the problem, so I copied the nvidia related kexts from the 11.0 installation to the 11.6 installation and voila, the card is now properly recognised in 11.6. It's a bit weird because the nvidia kexts from both the 11.0 and 11.6 installations seemed to have the same creation dates so I would have assumed they were identical, but maybe that's something I don't understand properly.
  5. Ok, I'll try again. While you're here Bilbo, I have the exact same graphics card as you (Quadro K4000) and even after installing the web drivers the performance is very glitchy. Moving windows results in big drags and mousing across a Firefox window creates a big block of blinking pixels under the pointer. Did you experience anything similar in the early stages after installation, and if so, at what stage of the process did it resolve? Bill. edit: Whoops, I see your gfx card is a K5000 - my bad.
  6. I'm now at the dsdt cleaning stage (11) and have hit three syntax errors that all seem to be the same problem. The first one is: syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_ONE, expecting '(' for the following bit of code If (WMIT) { ^^^WMID.WMBB One } The second is: syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_INTEGER, expecting '(' for: If (WMIF) { ^^^WMID.WMBB 0x02 } and the third is the same as the second error for: If (WMIH) { ^^^WMID.WMBB 0x03 } Hopefully it's an easy thing to correct by sticking some parentheses in the right place. Can anyone help? Thanks, Bill.
  7. @milsabor - Thanks for the response. Where did you find that cpuid (0x406F1)? I'll give it a try and hope it doesn't mess anything up. After reading a little bit more about Clover though it seems like entering a value in the 'Type' field might only have cosmetic consequences and affect what is displayed in the 'About This Mac' screen?
  8. Hi, I'm just going through this guide for the first time and it's also the first time I've used Clover (done plenty of Hackintoshes with Chameleon/Enoch). In part iv of the guide bilbo writes: -Cpu. Add the right CPU ID. For my CPU is 0x0a01 My cpu is an e5-2650v2 and the only reference I can find after some searching to it's cpuid is on cpu-upgrade.com where it's stated as "0306E4". Is this likely to be the correct value, and if it is, do I enter it in the 'Type' Field? If it isn't correct, how do I find the correct value? Thanks, Bill.
  9. Hi. I have access to a pair of Xeon e5530 CPUs for free and am wondering about trying a dual socket build on a cheapish 1366 motherboard. I can't find too many on ebay here in Australia, but there is this one: Gigabyte GA-7TESH1-RH available at the moment. I can't find much out about it on the net and there are no references to it on this forum. I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts on whether it might be worth a shot? Gigabyte have a generally high compatibility with their motherboards??? Specs from the ebay page below Cheers, Bill. Form Factor 12” x 13” EATX size form factor, 8 layers PCB CPU Supports Dual Intel® Xeon® Nehalem-EP 2S processors Xeon® Quad Core in LGA 1366 socket Supports QuickPath Interconnect up to 6.4GT/s Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology (EIST) & Demand Based Switch (DBS) Support Intel Virtualization Technology (VT) Chipset Intel® 5520 (Tylersburg-36D) Chipset Intel® 82801JR (ICH10R) Memory 12 x 1.5V DDR3 DIMM sockets supporting up to 96 GB of system memory 3 channel memory architecture Support 800/1066/1333 memory Support ECC RDIMM/ UDIMM I/O Control ITE IT8720F Super I/O Expansion Slots 1 PCI slots 32-Bit/33MHz (5V) 1 PCI-E x16 slot (Gen2 x16 bandwidth) 1 PCI-Express x8 slots (Gen2 at x8 bandwidth) 1 PCI-Express x8 slots (Gen2 at x4 bandwidth) 1 PCI-Express x8 slots (Gen 1 at x4 bandwidth) 1 SO-DIMM for add-on SAS RAID card (optional device) SATA RAID Controller Intel® ICH10R SATA Controller Supports 6 independant SATA 3.0 Gb/s with Software RAID 0,1, 5,10 On-Board VGA ServerEngines Pilot II with 32MB DDR2 memory On-Board LAN Intel® 82576EB GbE controller support dual Gigabit Ethernet ports Supports QuickData DMA engine/TCP acceleration/IA-optimized TCP stack/DCA( Direct Cache Access)/LLI, MSI-X,RSS Internal Connector 2 x 8-pin ATX power connector 1 x 24-pin ATX power connector 6 x SATA 3.0Gb/s connectors 1 x Serial connector (COM) 2 x USB 2.0 connectors for additional 4 ports by cable 1 x front panel connecctor 1 x PSMI connecctor
  10. bennals

    Cant Install on my Shuttle SG33G5

    The guide Yoni has just posted a link to over here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=185199 works great with a retail disc! Bill.
  11. Awesome Yoni. Thanks so much. Bill. p.s. worked perfectly!
  12. Yes, I have two SG33G5 boxes waiting for SL installs so a guide would be most appreciated. Bill.
  13. Well, just in case this happens to someone else, I thought I'd post that I took the plunge and bought a new Gigabyte EP45 DS4-P. I fully expected to have to do a full reinstall but, lo and behold, it works fine as a simple drop-in replacement! After settting the BIOS up like the old EP35 DS3-P (from memory largely), the first boot up was a bit slow but fine ever since. The existing iAtkos 4.1i install was pretty much vanilla if I recall (apart from the nvinject kext for the 7300 GT). Had one freak out moment soon after plugging in the firewire cable of my audio interface. I heard a pop and smelt the magic smoke. The machine shut down and I thought it must be the same issue that fried the DS3-P (dodgy power supply perhaps). On inspection though, it was just the firewire front panel header. A similar thing actually happend on the DS3-P just after I purchased it but seeing as it didn't seem to affect the rear panel FW ports I just ignored it. So, I fired it back up again and ran it for a couple of hours without using the FW ports. No problems. Shut it down, plugged the FW cable in, powered up again and all is good. FW interface properly recognised and all. Hope that helps someone in the future. Bill.
  14. Sadly my DS3-P decided to short out just under the 24 pin power connector (flames, smoke...the lot). Only a couple of months out of warranty too. So I'm left with a Q6600, 7300GT and perfectly working install of iAtkos 4.1i (10.5.4) and very slim chances of finding an EP35 DS3-P seeing as they're discontinued. What would be the best replacement option, ideally to give me the best chance of the existing install working without any hitches? I would prefer onboard firewire (TI based prefereably) and I'd love to be able to avoid a reinstall. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers. Bill.
  15. bennals

    QE Dual/quad Displays Nvinject.kext for Leo 10.5.3 - 6

    Well, after days of trying to get both QE/CI and dual monitors going this finally did the trick. Thanks starobrno for alerting us to it. This thread really should get linked to the NVCAP sticky thread. It will save people hours of failed attempts. This is on an iATKOS 4.1i install. Everything is working very nicely now on my DS3-P with GB 7300 GT (256MB) Hack! Cheers. Bill.