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  1. (Frustrated) Hackintosh + GTX 780 + Dell UP2414Q here. I don't know if this will get you any further along, but there is a way to adjust refresh rates: If you OPTION-CLICK the Scaled radio button (such wonderful adherence to interface guidelines), the pref panel will start showing additional choices. If you then select the "Show low resolution modes" checkbox, you should get a "Refresh Rate" popup. (It may start out grayed and disabled, but if you click another mode, such as 3840x2160, then click back to the hidpi 1920x1080 mode, the popup should enable.) This would also be a way of using another monitor (via the Displays preference's Gather Windows) to get a UP2414Q that had started up black (30.3 Hz) onto its valid rate. Now to get a 60 Hertz option into this popup...