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  1. Microsoft Touch Mouse

    Has someone tried this mouse?
  2. Microsoft Touch Mouse

    Hello to everyone I was wondering if the microsoft touch mouse ( http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/es-es/p/touch-mouse ) would work in iatkos ml2. If yes, i wanted to know if the egstures work, and which ones work. Here in my country is impossible to buy the magic mouse, so i have to search other alternatives for touch mouses. Im open to hear another alternatives in case this wouldnt work but have in mind that i dont have any bluetooth adapter so my rig does not have bluetooth. Thanks in advanced.
  3. Hello to everyone I managed to get SL 10.6.6 running in mi comp (hd4850, q6600 and p5q pro). First i could only run in safe boot, there i deleted ati4500, ati4600 and x2000 kexts. Changed the ati4800.kext for the legacy one and there i could get rid of the garbled screen. Now that i boot normally, i want to change the resolution (i can only select 1024x768). I looked the system info and i realized that it says hd4890 and 256mb (instead of the 512mb). Does someone know what should i do to change the resolution? Thanks in advanced
  4. Iatkos S3 help

    Thanks a lot for helping me I tryed only the HD48xx drivers and also added in bootloader the 32bit boot by default and graphic loader and now i managed to pass that screen, but inmediatly after the grey screen with the apple logo my monitor goes off and i dont get any image. Tryied verbose mode and -x mode and the same happened. But in verbose mode there was something about "could not load HD4800 driver, and something about default driver", so i think it might have something to do. Does somebody know what to do? i think i almos got it Thanks in advanced
  5. Iatkos S3 help

    thanks a lot for answering. Im sorry if this is a noobish question, but i dont understan what i have to do, becausa i cant manage to boot the OS to move that file :S Can you please explain me a little bit on how to do this? and what exactly component should i install from the customize menu from the installation step for my vga? Thanks a lot for answering and helping me
  6. Iatkos S3 help

    Hi everyone I have an intel Q6600 processor, asus p5q pro motherboard and a hd4850 sapphire Im trying to install the iatkos s3 version on an empty hd. But when i finish the installation and try to boot, i can see an image of the apple logo and a grey background with a stop sign. I ran in -v mode to see the problems and it is a something with the vga. But i dont know what drivers from the iatkos s3 dvd intstall for the vga. I´ve tryed installing like 4 or 5 times . I neither can´t boot in -x mode . Please, somebody knows what driver is the right one or what coimbination to make it boot in my pc? i will appreciated a lot Thanks a lot in advance and thanks for this forum it helped me a lot to get to this point PS: sorry for my english