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  1. Vanilla 10.6.2 and Time Machine

    you can boot off a Mac OS X install CD in an external DVD drive and do a Time Machine restore from there if you are stuck.
  2. Have you successfully used this adapter under Snow Leopard with the listed driver? That driver file only has an installer for Leopard 10.5, not for Snow Leopard 10.6.
  3. I guess all you hackers are too stuffed with turkey to think about boring tech stuff, so in the meanwhile I went exploring the idea of editing my DSDT.aml file to see if that would help. After viewing the video available on technow.cc, I was able to edit my DSDT file and obtain the following benefits: my battery monitor works! (though in the pull-down menu I see two batteries listed; any idea why this is?) my brightness adjustment with F4/F5 works! (though there's no on-screen indication of brightness level; any way to get a readout of that?) can't tell if speedstep is working (how do we do that?) brightness is correctly reset after wakeup from sleep netbook goes to sleep when I close the lid, and it can be woken up when I lift the lid Now as soon as my Dell 1510 WiFi card shows up, I'll have a useful Hackint0sh. Still looking for a fix for the internal ethernet card, though.
  4. Panic on cold start

    The contents of that message are probably important for solving the problem, so how about posting them? The very first line may tell you the name of the .kext file that cause the Kernel Panic. Another thing to do is Hit F8 when booting so you get a choices menu (maybe with only SL on it), and then type -v (it will show up in the bottom left of the screen if you have the Chameleon bootloader) to get a verbose boot that will list every step of the boot process... including hopefully the cause of the problem.
  5. I've got SL 10.6.1 installed on my 1005HA-V (using the method from technow.cc or enik.ch, i.e. Not NBI) running nicely now. However, I'm unable to solve a couple of issues and wonder if you have any suggestions. - no battery: my menu-bar widget says I have no battery. When I unplug from AC, there's no battery life calculation being made. I've tried a couple of different kexts like GenericCPUPowerManagement.kext, but not only do they not help, they also bump my resolution back to 800x600. - no brightness: I'm unable to change my brightness using the function keys, and Spark doesn't deal with brightness. Any suggestions? - improper DSDT: I'm running the 0905 ROM with 1GB RAM. Do you have a custom version of a DSDT for this configuration that you'd like to share? If you only have one for 2GB of RAM, bring it on! I'll run out and buy more RAM. - no ethernet: I did have the Attansic kext loaded at one point and was able to make a connection to another Mac, i.e. ping it, but no data would ever be transferred. So I couldn't use the other Mac's internet connection. - internet sharing: I'm able to make a Bluetooth PAN connection to another Mac, which works great for file sharing, but I'm able to have its internect connection shared to my Hackintosh. My pref pane tells me this is possible. Do you have any pointers on how to do it? If I switch from DHCP to fixed IP I get nowhere. - WiFi: of course that doesn't work, but I have a Dell 1510 on the way. - screen resolution: while 1024x600 is okay, I like the way I could use 1024x768 in Windows (with a virtual desktop larger than the screen). Is that possible in Mac OS X? The crazy thing is how many hours I have sunk into this already. It's a lot of fun to get Mac OS X running on my netbook. On the other hand, it's sobering to see that ChromeOS installed on a 4GB card (from hexxeh.net) boots in just 8 seconds, and everything just works. Thanks, S
  6. I find that if I just edit the file name and put a _ in front it, that stops it from loading. But of course you can't do that interactively; the best you can do is boot in safe mode, which stops many kexts from loading. If that one kext is preventing you from booting or has serious effects, you can boot in single-user mode and make the edit I mention above.
  7. To install just the BSD package from the SL DVD, get Pacifist from macupdate.com. It will look inside the OSInstall.mpkg and allow you to isolate and then run only the BSD.pkg.