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  1. iATKOS installation problem

    Yep, i think is a motherboard incompatibility Well, now i'm stuck on the vmware installation but this comes in another post xD Tks to all!
  2. iATKOS installation problem

    I can't hit F8 so i can't set the flags. OK, sorry about the hardware. Here it is: Motherboard: Foxconn (Digitalife ELA - P45) Micro: Intel Core 2 Duo (E7400) Video: NVidia 9600GT Ok, i will try that in a while.
  3. Hello guys. When i try to install the iATKOS v7 a black screen appears and after some text appears (some seconds) the PC reboots and keep doing that every time. Anyone knows what could be the problem? Maybe some bios settings? I dont know where to look for this problem...
  4. One simple question (i think). I have 5 patitions: 1st primary (winxp), 3 ntfs (work, data, stuff) and 1 ntfs where i want to install mac (i have the iatkos v7 version). I need to make changes to the partitions to make the installation of mac works? I dont want to loose any of the other partitions in the process.
  5. Hello! I know, this question is repeated every day but i need to be sure before proceeding. I have WinXP installed and want to make a dual boot with iATKOS. Both OS are needed for work. I don't want to loose anything on the WinXP partition or all my work stuff get lost. Find attached my current partitions (i want to install iATKOS in the H partition). Any advise before proceeding with the iATKOS installation? Any post installation recommendation?