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  1. why do men get married?

    i think maybe a lot of guys might get married because they love the girl they are with, and dont want to lose them in the long run. the conclusion ive come to is that a 22 year old guy like me might fall in love. They dont want to get married as much as the woman might want to, but they are not opposed to the idea. however, i believe that given the option that if they could take a break from this current girl for a few years, and have her be maybe a friend to them the whole time while they still lead a single mans life i believe that they would do this if they knew that in the future the two of them would still end up together. meaning, they dont want to live the rest of their life in regret for having not married and had a family with the woman they love, but at the same time dont want to regret never having loved anyone else besides her. the risk aversion nature of humans is that when faced with the two potential outcomes: 1. got the girl or 2. have nobody they would rather just forgo the possiibilities and stick with what they have rather than gamble and lose it all and end up with nothing. sry, it made better sense in my head.