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  1. Clover is by FAR the best boot loader for running OS X on your PC or custom built computer. I would suggest you guys try your hardest to read up about it and read some tutorials. It has a huge learning curve but it is well worth it in the end. You can have a hackintosh up and running perfectly and it is very simple once you figure it out. If you are unable to get it to work the first time, it is most likely due to issues with the configuration file of your clover install. If you alter a few settings you will have a perfect machine.
  2. Version Driver: Utility:


    This is a new updated kext and utility directly from MediaTek for the MT7610U and MT7612U network chipset. This utility was updated and released on January 20th 2016 on MediaTek website. I have the Netgear A6210 AC1200-WiFi USB 3.0 Adapter and it works perfectly under OSX 10.11.2 with USB 3.0 and 5GHz networks being recognized. It should work for any card with one of those two chips. UPDATE 10/1/2016 I have had some serious trouble updating my system to macOS 10.12 Sierra but I have finally seemed to have gotten it working. When I have done a clean install and installing this package afterwards, It didn't seem to work. However after updating a working copy of El Capitan to Sierra with this package already installed, it seems to work. So as of this post, this same package does work under macOS 10.12 Sierra but you might have some trouble like I have until mediatek performs their own official update. UPDATE 10/26/16 I have finally figured out what is going on with this installer package. When you run this package as is, it will not install the kext on macOS sierra. It will install the wireless utility and all associated files but not the actual kext. I have included the kext as a standalone as well. Install the Kext with kext utility then run the installer pkg. Reboot and you will have a perfectly working USB wireless stick. Confirmed working macOS 10.12.1
  3. Hello! Just a quick question. You have stated at the end that "If your motherboard is series 8 rename to SSDT-2.aml but if is series 9 rename to SSDT-4.aml" So if I have a Gigabyte Z97X-UD3H-BK that is a 9 series chipset and I would need to rename the new SSDT to SSDT-4.aml and stick that in clover/acpi/patched?
  4. ACTUALLY, on second thought, it still panics. On every single shutdown/reboot. With web drivers or no web drivers. I have just discovered it happens on 10.9.4 and 10.9.5. Except on 10.9.5 it still continues to shutdown instead of freezing. I have also found out that it panics on the 10.10 Public Beta 4 that was just released as well. I am starting to think this is a compatibility issue with the card and I have no idea how to fix it. The computer still shuts down, it just displays a panic message if I booted in verbose. It is really odd.
  5. For those that care, 10.9.5 fixed this issue.10.9.4 just does not like my graphics drivers for some reason.
  6. I believe they updated the OSX drivers in 10.9.3. I imagine they dont play nicely with your system. You could always update and then downgrade the nivida drivers to the 10.9.2 version. Or try to use the webdrivers and see if they work.
  7. mvd120

    Graphics - No GPU Power Management

    I have a quick question for you all. I have been following this topic for a while since 10.9 first came out. Ever since 10.9.4, the webdrivers cause a panic on shutdown or reboot. They worked perfect and fixed powermanagement for my card on all lower versions of OSX. Ever since I updated to 10.9.4 the drivers have been giving me problems. I figured it might be a an isolated incident, so I did a fresh install of OSX and the drivers still panic. The original osx drivers work normally, however the bug is there and the clock sticks. Am I the only one to experience this issue? Im using a GT 640, and MacPro4,1 Smbios.
  8. Hello, I am very well aware of the openCL bug with graphics power management on nVidia cards. (the one where the clock would be stuck and the temp will run hot). I am also aware that the nVidia web drivers they have released have fixed the problem. I have recently updated to 10.9.4, and have updated the web drivers and cuda drivers as well, however now I get kernel panics on shutdown and reboot relating to those graphics kexts. These panics never happened on 10.9 - 10.9.3. It will panic and reset my CMOS every time i attempt to shut down my computer. With the original OSX kexts it shuts down normally, however the clock will get stuck when opening preview or other apps. I was wondering if this is an isolated incident, or if the web drivers are broken for everyone on 10.9.4? Is there a way to prevent this panic? I strongly prefer using the web drivers as they provide a noticeable increase in performance on my system. I am using an nVidia Geforce GT 640
  9. mvd120

    GTX660 OpenCL and Mavericks?

    nVidia are developing current web drivers for 10.9.x. Hopefully in the future they will fix the openCL bugs. If you are running 10.9.2 try the web drivers and the cuda drivers. They wont help with the power management issues, but they might help with other errors you are having. I know personally on my system they GREATLY improved my graphics performance with a kepler card using macpro 4,1 smbios.
  10. Hey try using Chameleon Wizard, then go to the modules tab, then check FileNVRAM.dylib. I vaguely remember this fixing it
  11. mvd120

    Graphics - No GPU Power Management

    Any news if this bug still exists in the new 10.9.2 build? (13C62). I don't have a dev account and cannot test myself.
  12. mvd120

    Random Mavericks Crashes

    Just throwing this out there. If you boot with -V does it say something about Unsynchronized tsc? If it does after a while of using osx your processor will cause the computer to lock up exactly how you described. To fix that all you need is voodootscsync.kext
  13. mvd120

    Graphics - No GPU Power Management

    Probably. But i found it easier to simply use MacPro4,1 SMBIOS and remove appletymcedriver.kext to aviod KP. Then simply inject your device id into the AGPM info.plist
  14. mvd120

    Graphics - No GPU Power Management

    Wow. I am so glad for the official web drivers! Slight improvement in my Unigine Heaven benchmark score, however I have experienced nearly a double FPS increase in some games. Noteably minecraft whose FPS went from 30 to 150+ on my nVidia GT 640. However it appears as though the OpenCL bug is still present as it still sticks to nearly full clock after opening preview. ​I have no doubt that if apple doesn't fix this issue by the GM 10.9.2 that the updated nVidia drivers will. Hey yokonunz, where did you find those web drivers? I can't seem to find this beta on the nVidia website. Are there updated CUDA drivers as well? The preference pane tells me that my CUDA driver is outdated after installing the web drivers you posted.