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  1. Andy_DT

    Asrock Haswell, anyone?

    Got it all working now, with special thanks to Artur-pt. It seems that replacing the broken FakeSMC.kext also disabled the HD4600 graphics and ALC892 audio. HD4600 works with IntelAzulFB=10 in the boot.plist and VoodooHDA 4.8.2 for the audio. It seems that waking from hibernate doesn't wake the screen but I'll be looking at that later.
  2. Andy_DT

    Asrock Haswell, anyone?

    Thnx for helping. I got one step further: I'm now able to boot without the -x. I removed HDAEnabler1.kext and replaced a broken FakeSMC.kext and that fixed the boot. But I still haven't got the graphics working properly. My boot loader plist now looks exactly like yours but it doesn't fix the graphics issue. Still no sound either. If you have more tips I would be grateful.
  3. Andy_DT

    Asrock Haswell, anyone?

    Could you please tell us what board you're using? And for the IntelAzulFB=10 to work, do I need to load any kext? I've been trying for 2 weeks now, with every trick I inderstand to get Mavericks on a Asrock Z87 pro4 board, but no luck at all. Best result I had was to get the Pandora installer without the -x boot and the network up and running after install. But even the installs won't run without -x I did patched my BIOS, and disabled VT-d. The Asrock Z87 pro4 has an ALC892 for sound and I'm trying to get the integrated graphics runnig (no external videocard) from the i5-4570 Any tips would be appriciated.
  4. confirm. This doesn't work (tested with Asrock Z87 pro4)
  5. Andy_DT

    Issues with GeForce GT220

    I think its wise to start getting your motherboard working. Find out what board it is and look for kexts that matches your board. Sometimes you even need to flash a customized BIOS to get MacOSX to work
  6. Use this one: http://www.kexts.com/view/87-appleviaata_f...ow_leopard.html Works fine on my P5QL pro
  7. Andy_DT

    Issues with GeForce GT220

    GT220 success. I used this guide because I have a Asus P5QL pro aswell, but I prepared my retail 10.6 image with the myHack installer (default settings) to avoid GUID partitioning. (and Chameleon RC4) Weird thing is that the GT220 works out of the box, without any altered injectors or kext's after updating to 10.6.2. It uses the standard NVDANV50Hal.kext The only thing I needed to change was to set the GraphicsEnabler setting in com.apple.Boot.plist to Y (not YES, took me several days to figure that out!), no EFI strings or other complicated stuff. All parts are fully functioning now, so me happy