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  1. R.I.P Prawker

    Oh man, what a shame... Let us all remember a great guy. I didn't know him very well, but I chuckled at his support call... Makes us remember how precious life is. RIP Prawker
  2. Well I've tried Kalyway 10.4.10, which gives me "Waiting for root device" no matter what I try (-legacy, -x, etc) and Kalyway 10.5.2 makes it all the way to 8 minutes left in the install and then freezes. Any tips?
  3. Initially it gave me a "waiting for root device" error, so I decided to plug in an external keyboard and then the installer started up. Haven't tried with the integrated keyboard again.
  4. Hey all, I'm trying to install Kalyway 10.5.2 on a Compaq Presario V2000 series (I'm at work now, so I forget the exact model number). It has a 1.8 Ghz single-core AMD Sempron processor (SSE2 only), 512 megs of RAM, of which 128 is taken up by the video card (ATI x200 express/mobility edition, or something similar). I know that only leaves me with 384 to work with, but I'll probably upgrade the RAM in the future if it gets too sluggish. Anyway, I've tried various options on the installer DVD without success. Many fail at the halfway point (the Installer gives an error), but my most successful so far was with the 10.4.8 JaS ACPI fix option and the AMD_test_2 fix option. It froze with 8 minutes left in the install, however, leaving me with a movable mouse but nothing much else. I've tried booting with -x, -v, -legacy, sleepkernel, speedstepkernel, none of which have allowed me to complete the installer. Most of the options do allow me to get to the installer and start the installation, however, so I know that my system is somewhat compatible with OS X . I think I only got the spinning beachball once when trying it with -legacy. If anyone has a similar setup, let me know what you did to get it to work. If Tiger is my only option for this machine, let me know too EDIT: I'd also like to add that in most attempts the installer reported insanely long completion times, in the 6-8 hour range. Everything seemed pretty sluggish, but the last attempt which got me to 8 minutes to the end only took about 40 mins.
  5. Yup it's real. I'm running it right now. And it doesn't really have any new wallpapers
  6. By the way, you don't need to have a select or premium membership to get this - just register a free ADC developer account and you'll have access to the download at developer.apple.com. What I would like to see aboard this certain pirate ship docked in a bay, however, is the full Snow Leopard Developer Preview The hunt is on...
  7. Damn... keygen no longer works with macdrive 7.1...
  8. Leopard on VMware

    Awesome job! Just wondering, I have the Leopard dmg, can I convert that to an .img and use that as my flat image?
  9. XPS 1530 Vs Macbook

    Well, you can get up to 1680x1050 in the XPS m1530 now, just so you know (the other option is 1440x900)
  10. XPS 1530 Vs Macbook

    Yeah I noticed that. Hmm hopefully they update the model soon, apparently they will after the holiday season with new resolutions and LED backlit displays.
  11. XPS 1530 Vs Macbook

    I am in exactly the same dilemma with the exact same machines, but my pocketbook tells me to go with the Dell. Why? If you only upgrade the video card on the 1530 to a 8600 GT, the same card used in the macbook pro's, leaving all other options at their lowest configuration, you get a laptop with excellent performance for $1,099 US, and better processors power in increments of $50. For $1,099, you get the basic macbook configuration, with an integrated graphics chipset that cannot be upgraded. This to me is already very highly priced for the components the macbook offers. Plus, the screen size is smaller at the same price. On the Dell, you will be able to tinker with osx86 while having fully native and high-performance vista support. As soon as I can afford it, I'm going to configure myself one of these babies and get mac os X installed. It will be the ultimate dream machine Note: I am not a PC fanboy. Windows annoys the hell out of me. I actually own an intel iMac, but I'm still surprised how much Apple overprices its hardware.