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  1. Corsair Vengeance 1500

    Hello Thanks for your reply! I'm not actually using the volume controls, I'm using the volume slider in OSX, I need to set that slider to 1% in order for the volume to be bearable. I have tried this on a real MBP and on a PC and the headset functions fine on those.
  2. Corsair Vengeance 1500

    Hello Everyone, I managed to install OSX (Mountain Lion) very cleanly, but the only thing that gives me trouble is my USB headset: - Playing music or videos sounds great - Using VOIP application like TeamSpeak work perfectly BUT: - Volume is extremely loud (Set to 1% and still painful) I realise that Corsair doesn't have OSX drivers, but being a USB device and having great sound means it must be working right? So why the extreme volume output? is there a way to reduce this outrageous volume? I don't want to worry about damaging my ears :-O! Thanks in advance, I appreciate any feedback!
  3. I just bought a Nvidia 285 GTX Today, Tried again and everything works as advertised. Amazing! To bad I had to ditch my ATI card, but OH Well... This Vanilla install rocks! Thanks for the amazing job!
  4. System: X58-UD5 Core i7 920 6GB Ram Tripple Channel (Corsair) ATI HD 5770 2 Sata Drives. I use an external USB Hard Drive instead of a USB Stick, does that matter?
  5. I got my system installed with Empire EFI, (Took out 1 Ram Module, SO 4GB total now). The only display resolution I can get is 1024, but it seems my graphics card works anyway. My system can boot so I guess my bios is right. I don't get why the GigabyteOSX makes my system go all funky with noisy fans and a black screen. Any Ideas?
  6. Radeon HD 5870 / HD 5850

    One more in the 5770 Boat, My system won't even boot.
  7. Hi, Yes I did. I got a reply from gigabyteUSB Dev and he said my graphics card probably isn't supported. Do any of you have experience with ATI 5000 series graphics cards? (My card is a 5770)
  8. Could somebody please come back to me on this, I have googled all around, and don't have any ideas what to try anymore.
  9. It seems I am the only one experiencing problems. Retail OSX 10.6 DVD, Patched with GigabyteOSX. 1) Bootloader starts 2) Countdown reaches 0 and wants to start install 3) Fans start blowing 100% (Extremely Load), Black screen, nothing happens... System: X58-UD5 Core i7 920 6GB Ram Tripple Channel (Corsair) ATI HD 5770 2 Sata Drives. Any Help?