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  1. save imac g4 project

    good for you. i was just trying help here are the results.
  2. save imac g4 project

    its really not as easy as you think, you need other parts to make the LCD work and do some soldering you need to order an Inverter power controller which dims your LCD. and the ON/OFF switch. here is the link you might have skipped i cant read it but its obvious that he did some other modifications. ordering parts from over seas is expensive so i would recommend just getting a compatible kit like blugray. his was a plug and play he extend the cables by soldering longer ones but if you order long enough cables you wont have to do much but fettle with resolution http://hidekyan.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2009/08/index.html
  3. save imac g4 project

    if your really interested then here you go i was going to post this up but i haven't got around to it till just now this should work for the 700mhz,800mhz, and 1ghz 15" imac g4 LCD it should also work on the 17" inch model i guess the only way to find out is to take your LCD out and check the cable coloring by carefully peeling the tape on the connector. http://hidekyan.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2009/07/index.html
  4. This is great but CRT? why not do that to a flat panel LCD like the imac G4 it has a much better resolution and it has a more appealing design than the CRT but Great Work! if any one is interested in this check this one out. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=194409
  5. save imac g4 project

    i dont think that's what people are looking for on this thread we are wanting to get the LCD to work as a stand alone LCD so that you are able to use it on any machine with a VGA connection their for the answer to your comment would be possible if you look at blugray's pics that's the motherboard that we are trying to work with and he has already done this its just very difficult..
  6. save imac g4 project

    okay then i will some extra cables i was thinking i might so that i could run the cables threw the neck down to the AD/board thanks for the info but im still stuck @ the same place tho trying to figure out which AD/board and controller as the ones that i found are sold separately costing over $100 thats way to much and i still need to figure out the pin alignment from screen to board.
  7. save imac g4 project

    Thank you very much Mr.Blugray for the reply ive been trying to create an account for the past hour but i cant read Korean but i do see the same one you have i will keep trying on ebay and hopefuly i will find the same one you have. if any one out their has any leads just leave a message or email me str8805ballin@gmail.com thank you very mucho Sr.Blugray por toda su' ayuda.
  8. save imac g4 project

    Hello Mr.Blugray i have a question for you that i think every one here is most interested in what is the exact model. of the LCD controller and inverter kit and wiring setup in order to reuse the same LCD we would love to know this please respond or if anyone could let me know here's my email address str8805ballin@gmail.com i really want to order this for our computer lab project Go Green Recycle Your Screen Ive seen one that turns you LCD into a TV but that's not what I'm looking for although it would be nice to know some info. Thank you very much sir and thread people for taking the time to read this.