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  1. Dell Dimension E310 and Snow Leopard

    I tried installing Snow Leopard and at first it stayed on 18 mins for a while, then finally it said installed failed. I need help. All help appreciated!!!!
  2. Dell Dimension E310 and Snow Leopard

    I booted the DVD I didn't know what kexts to install so I was kinda stuck. I took pictures of my hardware info.
  3. I have a Dell Dimension E310 I'm wondering if it is capable of running snow leopard. Here are my specs: Processor type: Intel® Pentium® 4 with Hyper-Threading technology Memory:1.5GB Chipset: Intel 915GV Video: Integrated Audio: HDA Hard Drive: 160GB Optical: Lite-On DVD Burner Misc: Card Reader Any Help is Greatly Appreciated!!! Especially from A17 (a great moderator)
  4. Sorry Alessandro17 that was a stupid question forgive me.
  5. Hey To All, I have a question where can I obtain the latest copy of Snow Leopard OSX86? Like 10.6.5 or 10.6.6? All Help Appreciated!!! Thanks in Advance!
  6. If you have a usb wireless 802.11b/g how do you find your wireless chipset?
  7. How do I find out the wireless chipset but I think it's Ralink [Edit] On Windows Xp the USB Wireless 802.11 b/g Adaptor reads as a Ralink Wireless Lan Card and it connects to the internet fine. So I don't know what's up with it when I go into Leo?
  8. I have a Gemtek Usb Wireless and I'm trying to get it working. I'm running iDeneb 10.5.5. What kext or driver do I need to get this working? Device Description :USB Wireless 802.11 b/g Adaptor Device ID: 15A9-0004 Device Class:FF / FF Device Protocol: FF Manufacturer: Gemtek Product: USB Wireless 802.11b/g adaptor Supported USB Version: 2.00 Current Speed: High (USB 2.0) Any Help greatly appreciated!!
  9. Problems after updating to 10.5.6

    If I mount this disk while leo is already installed will it mess it up?
  10. Problems after updating to 10.5.6

    I did what you said and when I typed cd/volumes and my hard drive's name it said no such file or directory
  11. Problems after updating to 10.5.6

    Not to be a noob but how do i go to terminal via disk utility because I was in disk utility but I didn't see where I could go to terminal
  12. Problems after updating to 10.5.6

    hey verdant it won't let use the boot flag -s it gives me a kernel panic
  13. Problems after updating to 10.5.6

    When I look to see what's causing my pc to hang at boot I get failed to load extension com. or Byte.driver.PCGENUSBEHCI in yellow letters [Edit] It just stays on the apple loading screen
  14. Problems after updating to 10.5.6

    my machine keeps looping any way to get in? any other boot flags to help me get in?
  15. Problems after updating to 10.5.6

    where can I get an old applesmbios.kext from?