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  1. No Hard Disk Detected in Disk Utility

    So I was able to use a workaround to get it it to detect my hard drive. Basically I took out my hard drive and placed it in a SATA USB enclosure and then I installed to that. When I put my hard drive back into to my laptop it booted up just fine and the ahci drivers from the install dvd worked perfectly.
  2. No Hard Disk Detected in Disk Utility

    Anyone with a Gateway CX2724 or with a notebook that doesn't have ahci option in their bios want to help me out?
  3. No Hard Disk Detected in Disk Utility

    I wish it were that simple, but my bios is severly locked down, with no option at all for that.
  4. No Hard Disk Detected in Disk Utility

    I was able to update using software from the Gateway site. You should check your manufacture page to see if there is a bios updating tool. I am going to keep tweaking the settings and hope something works.
  5. No Hard Disk Detected in Disk Utility

    I do have a setting for operating system but not Vista, only XP,2000 and other. I've already tried XP and other so theres nothing there. I have already updated to the latest bios which I believe is Phoenix. Hopefully someone has more info on this because it seems like a very common problem.
  6. No Hard Disk Detected in Disk Utility

    I'm sorry for posting in this thread but I am not able to create a new one because it says that I do not have permission. My problem is similar to this one where my hard drive is not detected/found in disk utility of the install DVD. I have tried iPC/Kalyway/iDeneb and all of them cannot find my hard drive. Some information about my laptop. Gateway CX2724 Intel GMA950 Intel ICH7M sata controller. I have a 100GB sata hard drive. I have searched around for the past 2 days and I have tried everything. Also my bios does not have any settings regarding ahci. What intrigues me the most is that I have found that someone with the same laptop as me has installed 10.5.2 kalyway without any mention of this issue. The link to that is in the osx86 page about HCL for 10.5.2 for this model of laptop. So if anyone can help it would be appreciatied. PS. If I am able to create a new topic later on I will, or if a mod can do that for me.