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  1. when i shut don my computer it dont totaly shutdown. and when i try restart it don t restart neither. is there a way to fix this? my computer is a precision M4300 evrithing is worki,g exept power management and internet...
  2. precision m4300

    folowing different thread i got my card detected with a mac adress. but it s still impossible to get connected to the network. Did someone get this card working with dhcp. i did try to manually set up the connection but it do not work, my wireless card is a 3945 abg network but it seems that this one will never work. If someone can help it would be cool. Thanks Dag
  3. hello, I m a newbie in hackintosh and i try to install it on my dell precision m4300 i did use the empire efi. t did works but i still got some trouble. First i use the AppleBCM5751Ethernet.pkg.zip but when i try to connect it do not work. Is there something to do to get an automatic connection (you plug the cable and Tada...) and if you need to set up everything how to be sure that the card is working ? how to get the info to connect manually? second i did not got the hard drive on the desktop. nor the battery. the restart function did not work too. The etherenet trouble is the one that drive me crazy. so if someone can do a easy to folow guide for this computer it could be cool. thanks for any help. dagobert