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    PCI cards

    Hi there, I've been following this project and I would like to thank everybody that is involve... You've been a great help in finding solutions to many configuration problems (sound, dvd rom...). My question is: Is there any way to patch a kext so that it recognize the PCI cards in the computer? I am a musician and I would like to use my Delta 1010 but had no results yet. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!! Custum built computer w/ core2duo E6400 Asus P5B running osx 10.4.6 (because no other would work flawlessly!)
  2. bealexis

    About This Mac Screenshots

    Hi, have you got it all work out of the box? I used Maxxus 10.4.6 dvd (The only torrent that worked). I have an ASUS P5B and can't get the on board sound nor my M-Audio Delta 1010lt recognized in the system profiler. I have checked every part of this forum and followed every post and can't get it to work. Thanks...