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  1. Asus 1005hab (works for 1005ha) Snow Leopard Install Guide

    Well now, 1005HA here. I did everything to the letter (with 16gb SD card) up to point 6 of the guide. I booted up the eee, and got a kernet panic almost immediately. Tried to mirror the SD card content on an internal HD partition and boot from there but got the same result. Got 2gb RAM and switched the stock wifi already, might this be an issue? Guess not, anyway…
  2. SL on Asus EeePC 1005HA?

    WaPeR: if you RTF (always a good choice) you'll discover that: - Built-in Ethernet does NOT work - Built-in Wireless does NOT work The people who had wireless working switched the internal WiFi Card with a compatible one (broadcom or whatever), and about the ethernet I'm personally using an apple usb-ethernet adapter. P.S. I have no idea why but the forum does not let me write in the reply box, so I had to enter a centered text with the special function, wtf?
  3. SL on Asus EeePC 1005HA?

    Uhm I really have no idea about this kp problem, I just reinstalled my eee and I did not use the patched AppleHDA anymore, I'm using VoodooHDA now and it seems to be working, same as it did with AppleHDA. The only catch is, as it was with AppleHDA, every time I boot I have to set up mic and audio levels in system preferences, otherwise mic volume is automatically set to zero, and output volume is not that high. I'd appreciate if someone would be able to teach me how to modify those settings permanently, but it's not that annoying... being forced to Windooze would be MUCH MORE annoying than that I've been also fighting with DSDT to enable my FN keys but no luck so far (the patch in the last DSDT simple editor does not work in 1005ha), and same goes for the trackpad on/off button: its function SHOULD be programmable, but who knows how. The only thing I did is install Spark to create an audio volume shortcut with the WIN key, and that's good enough for now.
  4. SL on Asus EeePC 1005HA?

    Hmmm now I just booted it up on battery power, and menubar indicator says battery is empty. Obviously it's not, it's fully charged. So I installed the extensions for SL found here: http://www.superhai.com/darwin.html rebooted, and it showed battery time for a few seconds, before turning to "Battery not recognized" and lol keyboard and touchpad are dead. Wtf, I'll try something. Anyone has any idea why this happened? TY : ) Off-Topic PS: I meant to share my last creation: 500gb+500gb on my MBPro 15", no raid yet, but it's a start (You can see 1005HA in the background )
  5. SL on Asus EeePC 1005HA?

    I just followed Sir Imperiopolis' guide to the letter, cutting corners where possible. For example, Imperiopolis suggests to install SL from an existing Leo installation, but since I have a mac, I just poured a SL DVD into a USB disk partition, rebooted from there and installed SL on a new partition. Easier way, same result. Basically, in detail, it's like this: Grab a USB Hard Disk, open Disk Utility and partition it, GUID, 2 partitions of the same size (at least 15 gb each, I dare say). Then with disk utility clone your SL DVD (or your previously made backup DVD dmg) onto partition A. Boot from partition A, SL installer will start. Install SL on partition B. Now you have: partition A: the SL DVD partition partition B: the just-installed SL OS. Boot from your mac operating system again, open disk utility and clone B on A. Run NetBookInstaller 2 times, first on A and then on B, both times with only the first two boxes checked. Overwrite /Extra folder both in A and B with Imperiopolis' /Extra folder. Now disconnect the USB Hard Disk from your mac, connect it to the 1005HA and boot selecting partition A from Chameleon bootloader. Once SL is booted, use disk utility to set up your 1005HA Hard Disk: partition it as GUID (you won't be able to boot Winbooze ever again, be thankful ), initialize it and then clone B onto your 1005HA Hard Disk. After that, run NetBookInstaller targeting your 1005HA internal Hard Disk. Boot from 1005HA Hard Disk and start setting up. Delete AppleHDA.kext and ApplePS2something from /System/Library/Extensions Use Kext Helper B7 to install the following: AppleHDA patched OpenHaltRestart VoodooPS2 Reboot and enjoy your system. So, the only thing I did "by myself" now is adding the patched AppleHDA.kext to have audio and mic working, then OpenHaltRestart.kext to have a smooth shutdown, VoodooPS2 to have trackpad working properly, then again patching DSDT with the software I said on my previous post. You can find OpenHaltRestart and VoodooPS2 everywhere, and the other two are attached and linked in my previous post. Please consider that I've been a Windooze user for about 18 years, then I switched to mac about 2-3 years ago, I'm good with computers but I have absolutely NO programming skills, and this is the first Hackintosh I set up, I never did that before. So, if I made it, even a cow with half brain can. Just follow the guides in this post (it means RTFF, I did it, every single reply), and you can do it. If you have some questions, like how to disassemble the 1005HA to replace the WiFi, I can link you some offsite-guides (which I followed). So that's just it: if you want 1005HA working with SL, just do as ppl say here, replace your WiFi, buy an external USB ethernet adapter, and you're good to go Now, DSDT Simple Editor for dummies, patch your DSDT and enable your power button! Download DSDTSE: http://rapidshare.com/files/328736899/DSDT...itor_v1.2.1.zip Run it, and click on EXTRACT DSDT. Wait a few seconds, a new window will open, you can recognize it by the gibberish code in it. Now use the SEARCH function above: type PNP0C0C and hit SEARCH. The Search function will bring you to a line that reads: Name (_HID, EisaId ("PNP0C0C")) Change it to: Name (_CID, EisaId ("PNP0C0C")) And save the file somewhere (you can use the suggested default location). Now click on TOOLS above, and select COMPILE DSDT. When it's finished, click on TOOLS again, and select INSTALL DSDT. On the new window, with the new gibberish code, beside "Install DSDT on:" select your 1005HA Hard Disk or partition (if you have more then one partition). Now DSDTSE should tell you to reboot (if I remember correctly). Do it, when the system boots up again you should have your power button working like charm. P.S. If something goes wrong your 1005HA can explode, spin on its axis, melt down or just change into an Acer netbook with no previous warning
  6. SL on Asus EeePC 1005HA?

    I don't get it. Still working on point 6 of previous reply, audio and mic. Still trying to install voodoohda and its prefpane, I followed instructions but it doesn't work. I install kext, I install prefpane, put voodoohdahelper on login items, reboot. Then voodoohdahelper runs on login saying: Found a device of class VoodooHDADevice: IOService:/AppleACPIPlatformExpert/PCI0@0/AppleACPIPCI/HDAC@1B/VoodooHDADevice settings file path: /Users/D/Library/Preferences/VoodooHDA.settings error: couldn't find settings file error: can't read settings logout then when I open the prefpane under system preferences, it says "Error: Can't map memory", and that's it. I also tried removing AppleHDA.kext, since I was thinking that voodooHDA was a reeplacement for that, but the only change is that my bluetooth hardware doesn't get recognized. So now I'm back to square 1, reinstalled AppleHDA, BT now working again, but low audio volume and no mic. Seriously, please someone help me, It would be nice to have trackpad and shutdown button working, but I can live without them. What I really need is a mic, what good is a netbook with no voip audio on skype or similar programs? Pretty pretty please? EDIT: Audio working now (mic ok and output volume too) with this extension: http://www.projectosx.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=190 AppleHDA.kext.patched.zip
  7. SL on Asus EeePC 1005HA?

    Hi everyone. After a few days (with no previous hackintosh experience) I was able to set up my 1005HA-WHI054X (N280, 160GB, 1GBRAM, BT, 6 cells battery), thanks to you all and esp to imperiopolis. More or less, I followed Imperiopolis' guide, with the difference that, on my MBPRO, I carbon-copied a Snow DMG install dvd onto a hd partition, booted from there and installed OSX onto another partition, all without modifying OSXINSTALL.mpkg and without having to do it all from a 10.5 working system. Then after that I ran NBI on the installed system, booted it up on the netbook and started working on it. Shutdown is ok now with OpenHaltRestart.kext Trackpad is ok now removing ApplePS2 and replacing it with VoodooPS2Controller.kext. (I have 2 fingers scroll now, thou I got no 2nd click tapping with 2 fingers) The boot Forcewake error msg was solved editing boot.plist, and the header read size boot msg was solved following these instructions, found here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=197503 Basically, everything works now, since I replaced the Atheros wifi card for a 2nd hand broadcom (7$, nice thing to be living in China next to one of the biggest technology markets in the world ) and I'm using an apple usb eth adapter. Anyway, there are still a few flaws I don't really understand: 1) Video is stuck at 1024x600, but I read all this thread from post 1 and it seems someone has it working at a better vertical resolution. I tried all the intel kexts I found, both on teh internetz and in your EXTRA packets here, but with no luck. On boot, apple logo is ok with NBI GeneralExtensions, but is stretched thin with Imperiopolis'. Edit: I just saw on asus'website that 1005HA resolution is actually 1024x600, so how comes someone is claiming to have 1024xmorethan600? 2) About 10.6.2 update: Doesn't work with TEA's patched kernel (kp), doesn't work with NIB Chameleon patch, works if I keep 10.6.1 kernel from before update. Really unclear why. Maybe it's because I just downloaded 10.6.2 update yesterday and apple changed something into it. 3) Bluetooth cannot be deactivated via software. I did not try via BIOS, I'm sure it's possible but that's not a very elegant solution. I did not find any info about a working kext, hints anyone? 4) Power button obviously not working, since I did not patch DSDT. I have no idea how to do it in a foolproof way. Anybody has any link where the procedure is explained? EDIT: DSDT patched with DSDT Simple Editor, a very nice and easy to use piece of software. Power button works now! Download it here: http://rapidshare.com/files/328736899/DSDT...itor_v1.2.1.zip 5) A friend of mine activated QuartzGL on his netbook (a chinese no-brand), I tried to do the same with OSX86Tools but nothing changes, maybe problem is related to point 1 of this list. 6) Audio works at a very low volume both on speakers and on headphones. It's ok if I'm watching a movie on the netbook in a silent environment, but on airplanes and in airports (places I practically live in) you can't hear almost anything. Second thing, mic is not working. I tried with the Voodoo prefpane and the extension that comes with it, but with no luck. I don't remember the exact error but it was something like "memory error, screw you". I also tried with a 1$ chinese usb card, but the system recognizes it as a keyboard lol. So, audio needs to be adjusted and mic needs to be fixed. EDIT: Audio working now (mic ok and output volume too) with this extension: http://www.projectosx.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=190 Thanks in advance to anyone who will address these little problems of mine : ) P.S. In that 2nd hand computer market I also find that kind of box you can use to replace your DVD in macbooks and stick a HD in it... I looked it up a few weeks ago and it was about 100$ in some US websites It's about 10$ here, both SATA and IDE, both slim (for apple) and standard thickness (for all other brands), I think I'll go for it, upgrading my MBPRO from 500gb to 1tb raid ^^ P.P.S. Stupid dumb question: to install kexts manually, is it enough to put them in /E/GE, repair permissions and reboot, or new kexts' position must be addressed somewhere, like some plist? And, what's the difference between putting kexts in /E/GE or in /S/L/E? I saw someone suggesting one location over another for some particular kexts. P.P.P.S. TY! : ) EDIT: Forgot to write about battery issue: under windows, before I eradicated it, battery meter said about 10hrs as it should have, but now even with low brightness and no wifi the best I get are 7hrs or so. Am I missing some battery manager extension or something? I saw this problem was already addressed here, but no solution has been proposed yet. IS THIS THE ANSWER?: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...295&st=160#