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  1. How to get Livestation on Apple TV

    Guys, I finally did it. Here's what I did: I Installed livestation 2.5 on ATV 3.0.1. When I ran it via NitoTV (you need to have NitoTV installed) it loaded and I got the login prompt. Without a keyboard and mouse how can you enter the username/password. Luckily, I have a running Livestation on my Xandros (you can take it from Windows too C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_USERNAME\Application Data\Livestation\Livestation.ini). So I took the Livestation.ini and created this folder (it usually gets created if Livestation logs in successfully): /Users/frontrow/.config/Livestation and put Livestation.ini in it. I had to play with the position and size to make it full screen. The limitation of this is that I cannot change channels (only through editing the Livestation.ini). For those interested in installing Livestation. Upload the Livestation-2.5.0-intel.dmg file to your ATV. Get it from RapidShare (you won't find it at Livestation, the latest version is 3.1): http://rapidshare.com/files/20201753....5.0-intel.dmg Enter these commands: sudo hdiutil mount Livestation-2.5.0-intel.dmg cp -r /Volumes/Livestation/Livestation.app /Users/frontrow/Applications/ Now, go to NitoTV, Applications and click on Livestation.app. Good luck!
  2. Hello, I need your help in getting Livestation on Apple TV. Livestation is Free TV on your computer. It streams BBC, C-Span, Nasa TV, etc. Check the Web site here: http://www.livestation.com Thanks