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  1. Ok Found the reason for the 'operation not supported' error! And its not good. Seems, HP has 'locked' the wifi through its bios and there is no way one can bypass this. Also, one cannot upgrade to 'any' wifi card 'cause only wifi cards whitelisted by HP's bios will be recognized. So no swapping cards. Only viable way seems to be the method mentioned by candykane - changing the deviceid in dsdt. ohwell....... (glares at his HP laptop )
  2. Hi, newbie here. Sorry if this problem has already been solved (appreciate it if anyone could point out the solution to me), but on the very last step, I get the error :- 'cp: writing `/sys/devices/pci0000:00/<numbers>/<numbers>/ssb_sprom': Operation not supported' Any solution? Thanks in advance