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  1. EP45 UD3P ( too lazy to look at which rev....... ) Im a super noob and havent really followed the forum in a bit, but with the release of Diablo 3 comin up I decided that I should try to update this old "buick" Anyway this is for us noobs who are lazy like me and looking for a lil sound fix. (note find a way to get your 10.6.8 working......lazy.....) -built his hack way back when.....updated to 10.6.8 last ight 5/8/2012 and had trouble with sound. - scoured for a way to fix sound and found that there is zip pack a couple pages back (pg 111-118 somwhere.....lazy......itchy....tasty.....zombie......) that contains some 10.6.7 files. - copied the the applehca.kext file into my /system/libraries/extentions/ - error message of noting my install was wrong. - never using kext utility before, I decided to just go for it (not knowing that it actually did the magic on its own ( i know, I know. Im super late noob!) - rebooted and found that the old sound choices in my settings were there and voila! sound fixed.... Prolly just a bunch of luck but i got my sound fixed.........Now I await diablo 3 (hopefully not run into any issues there......... Peace hac com 1 = hackintosh community as one = lame = late night, sleepy, tired, out! Olroc
  2. Hey people, I wanted to give an update with my hack system. I am having a power issue where there is a continuous on/off sequence on bootup. I dont know whats causing it but i might have something to do with my processor being overclocked. For now I switched back to stock settings and will keep testing this. I havent checked the thread yet as there are many pages but i will and if any of you feel the need to pop in and suggest a solution then lemme know! Thanks guys Peace!
  3. Hey guys, Just wanted to give an update on my hackintosh. I tried to update via the software update and it seemed as if everything became unstable again. So I fresh installed and am back at the regular combo update via stells link. I am having weird keyboard issues. Sometimes i just cant type at all. Question, is the usb keyboard supposed to be disabled in the bios? kinda weird cuz i saw from the lifehacker tutorial in that bios page that it was disabled. Oh on a positive note I configured Cubase LE 4 to run with the hac. Initially it had installation issues but I took a trip the steinberg site and followed the installation instructions there. Apparently you must dl the update software first and then start the install with the dled update with the cubase disc in the dvd drive. I also installed Stylus RMX along with cubase and that seems to be working pretty stable as well. I have no other mac software to install as of now but as soon as i get my hands on Logic and FCS I will update. Thanks again for everyones support! Insanely Mac is the best!
  4. lol sorry bout the non details. anyway im hooked up by dvi to vga conversion to the 19in LCD hyundai L91A monitor. The color has come back and everything seems normal but its prolly a compatibility issue. On another note the ethernet card seems to be working no problem. I have another question as I am new to Macs in general. Is there a way to disable the network card so that my Hac isnt connected to the internet? Thanks Coh, I will try to be more thorough from now on. Peace
  5. Greetings, I finally got all my pieces in and installed and in the process of downloading the combo update. A few issues I'm workin with are: 1. Display issues -- im usin a 19lcd and the color is weird colored lol. Anyway, hope the update fixes the color issues, if not then I most like will purchase a new screen anyone have any suggestions on display monitors? 2. Had a weird issue with the network card. I forgot to put the card in the bottom slot. switch to bottom and still had no connection. Then, miraculously the card started to connect to my router. So im in the process dling now.... what else.....other than that the process was nice and breezy. Holla back.... SPecs I used everything described in the lifehacker build except: Computer Tower Power Supply 2.83ghz processor Extra fans lemme know if u have any suggestions to my problems. Thanks everyone! shiet.....everyone!
  6. I will be building the lifehacker soon and was just wondering if and when using the Stell EP45 UD3P V3 can u just update manually from the apple icon? or would you have to download from the link? Yo Jsw513 Let me know how your update process went. Hows the new Hackintosh treatin ya?
  7. Hey guys, I'm clearly a super noob who hasnt even got a mac working yet. That said, I'm working on a lifehacker build. (waiting on parts to get here) I have had the chance to go the the Snow Leopard Ripping process and I must say that it was a treacherous battle in itself. The borrowed Macbook that i was using couldnt read the retail Snow Leopard Disc, so i had to figure out a way to get a Dmg file!! I ended up not even wasting my time creating the dmg file and found an external dvd drive that could read the snow leopard disc. Luckily i had one and it read. From then on , I strictly ran disk utility, formatted my thumb drive, then restored the SL disc itself (not as a dmg file) to the thumb drive straight from the disc. Finally, I ended up with a bootable thumb drive ready to install into my ep45 ud3p My next step is to build the beast and install Snow Leopard. Hope this helped.