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    Restore Apple TV

    Instead of boring you with how the hard drive got messed up, I'll skip that part and get to the point. My Apple TV works- but will not do any updates, will not restore, and sometimes I have to unplug it and plug it back in because when I click a movie it will reboot on its own. So lets just pretend I have an ATV with no hard drive in it at all and I just went out and purchased a new hard drive for it. Does Apple have the files needed to install the OS back onto a drive so I can get this thing back up and running flawlessly as it was before? As far as I can remember the ATV HD has 3 partitions- one is a restore partition, one is called Boot, and the third is called Media? I think the restore partition is what has become corrupt. Anyway- if anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate it. PS- I'm not really interested in hacks or anything. Hulu runs like {censored} and thats the only reason I ever wanted to hack into the OS. TIA!
  2. yea i found a download for it. for some reason I was only able to get it installed after installing the USB adapter. Once that installed the other worked too. Weird. But whatever works!
  3. I don't know what you're saying or asking in your first sentence... I enabled quartz, but read something about quartz extreme? Where would I get that if it is in fact what I need. The real pain in the ass I've noticed is that it won't wake up after going to sleep. A lot of times I'll put my laptops to sleep as apposed to a full shut down when I know I'll use it again in a little while. With this I have to either leave it on, or turn it off. I'd love a fix for this...
  4. Another update! Installed the seat belt kext and it fixed the dmg mounting problem. Did a lot of research and found a pkg that installs the correct drivers for my wifi card. It's a Broadcom 4312. After installing that the wifi works as well. As of now everything I need works. It's be nice to have the webcam work, but I probably wont use it often if ever. I get the message that my video card doesn't support photobooth. Haven't been able to test it elsewhere, yet. Is there a way to get the trackpad to support multi touch as it does in XP/Vista? That would be the icing on the cake...
  5. Thanks! This worked for me as well. Now if I can just get my internal wifi card working I'll be set...
  6. Ok, little update- I used the Ralink RT73 kext file for a Belkin usb adapter I have. It works, but it is not ideal having to use a giant usb adapter for internet. Working: sound graphics drivers usb adapter wireless trackpad and keyboard volume and brightness controls Not working: built in wifi - NEED THIS webcam- no big deal ethernet- never use it anyway not sure if headset will work This computer I don't use much at all, I have an iMac and MacBook Pro, but this I use occasionally at work to diagnose network problems and run around with a laptop. Wifi is needed. Does anyone have suggestions? When I go to system preferences > network No devices are listed (except the usb adapter- listed as ethernet) But I can't get the Airport to show up. Please help, someone! Thanks edit- also get kernel panics when trying to mount disk images. (tried downloading chrome and when the dmg was mounted it froze up on me) sigh*
  7. I got it 1.4 working, except wireless and haven't tried the video drivers yet. wireless i tried both atheros and the broadcom, no dice. any ideas? when i install drivers for xp it is broadcom...