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  1. Forgot you'll need this little util to show all the hidden files, sorry! It's free too. http://gotoes.org/sales/ShowHiddenFilesMacOSX/
  2. Mrjanek, It appears the Fermi 470/480 is working. Can you integrate this into Kakewalk? http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=214219
  3. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    How did you get the 470 to work?
  4. Nope. My 470 will not even get to the install without panicking.
  5. Hi Tom, Oh that is too bad, guess I'll just have to wait... Yeah coming from a x1950 the 470 is insane - and for only $340! Only complainant is there are not many CUDA supported apps and the few that exist don't really work on FERMI (yet) let alone x64 OSes.
  6. I recently swapped out from a vanilla Kakewalk install my ATI x1950 Pro to a Nvidia GeForce 470. Now I get a Kernel Panic during boot up from my old OSX Snow install. Even if I try to re-install Kakewalk from USB it panics. Even tried the Live DVD of 10.5, same thing... Nothing else has changed except the graphics card. Is there a work around? Thanks! BR
  7. Thanks for the info! I actually got it working. The nice people at Thermaltake have also included a USB 2.0 port. I've successfully booted OSX SL off the dock! BTW these docks are very handy, highly recommended!
  8. I have a Thermaltake eSATA HD dock. When I put my SL disk in, it hangs during boot. If I connect via internal MoBo SATA it boots fine. Any ideas on how to get the eSATA dock working? cheers, Bob
  9. ATI x19x0 snow leopard driver

    x1950 Pro 256MB (ID 7280, 1002) is not working under Snow x64 This is PCIe version. Script seems to work at first. Permissions comes up, repair permission disk is ok. Then Script either hangs or Kernel Panic. Destroys OS installation. Each time I try something new must re-install OSX so a pain to test...
  10. I've been fighting for official DS3R support but if you use the EP45-UD3P install option everything should work fine. I have the Gigabyte EP45-DS3R and sound, LAN, 4x CPU all seem to work fine.
  11. Can anyone solve this?

    You could try Grub or EasyBCD? How computer literate are you?
  12. This install is from a retail DVD, I'm not sure about Chameleon. Is that the Grey Mac OS chooser?
  13. Yeah mine worked great on 10.5.8 too. Can't find any Snow support though, maybe it's a 64-bit issue? I can only get 1024x768 working by default.
  14. Do you have the ATI Radeon XT1950 Pro 512 working? I've been trying forever to get mine working.
  15. I'm having some strange issue. I have three drives. Here is the layout: Disk0 partition layout Ubuntu OSX 10.8.x Vista x64 XP 32 Disk1 Data disc no OS Disk2 OSX Snow 10.6.2 When I go into my BIOS and set Disk 0 as "boot first" I can access all the other OS's (Ubuntu, Vista, XP, 10.8.x). I'm using Grub from Ubuntu. Upon selecting Snow I get an error stating no OS. I have Grub pointing to disk2,2 the Snow install. I also tried 2,0 and 2,1 - Nothing When I have the Snow disc "boot first" in my BIOS, the Snow (Grey screen count down bar) shows up and loads Snow just fine. When I press a button to interrupt the count down bar, I can see the other OS in the selection menu but can't load them. Any Idea what is going on here? I'm getting tired of changing BIOS settings every time I want to boot a different OS