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  1. Im having the same exact problem while trying to install Ive been searching the threads for days and this is the first time i have come across people actully having the same problem Has anybody had any breakthrews or anything Please let me know, thanks
  2. Instalation problem,Please help

    I havent even installed mac on my computer yet i try to install it, but when it asks to if i want to boot the darwin boot loader,it makes my computer restart and it doesnt show and icons or anything, it just says starting darwin boot loader and restarts, im downloading the jas 10.4.9 cd right now ima try that to see if it makes a difference
  3. Instalation problem,Please help

    How do i do the the single user mode or w.e OO and also im useing jas 10.4.7 Im also running windows vista as my main OS,and im useing the new acronis os selector I tried putting platform=x86-v and then -x, but the darwin loader got to say starting, and then the computer restarted Do you think that i should use a newer jas boot disk, or what Thanks for the help, mucho appreciated
  4. In the Darwin boot loader when it asks if you want to load mac os x and then you type in -v for the long page of things, and will tell you if there are any errors Well when i do it i goes threw like 5 things and then restarts my computer. I have no idea what the problem is, and havent been able to find it Specs: CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 ghz Video Card: Nvidia Geforce 7600 gs/512 gddr2 MotherBoard: Jetway 775gt2-log Memory: A-data 2x1gb ddr2-667 overclocked to 800 Harddrive: Seagate Barracuda 500gb/7200 rpm Any help is Greatly Appreciated, Thanks
  5. Sry that the links didnt work here are new ones Computer Parts on Craigslist Custom Computer on Craigslist Sry about that again
  6. Please take a look at Computer on Craigslist if interested in buying the full computer or Computer Parts on Craigslist if interested in buying computer parts Please tell me if you think these are reasonable prices for these parts/computer thank you
  7. (Selling)Custom Built Intel PC

    ok thank you..i think thats all ill probably get for it also Im just going to sell all the parts seperate so if anyone wants to buy any please feel free to contact me at xsocaltrashx@gmail.com THanks
  8. (Selling)Custom Built Intel PC

    hello everyone on insanelymac I em sry for my rude comments to all that were trying to help I should of takin all of your great advice I was asking way to much for my system, but i guess i was eating a little to much retard sandwiches that week Again sry to everyone on Insanelymac and thank you for all of your advice
  9. (Selling)Custom Built Intel PC

    Did i ask for any of your guys dumb ass comment umm i dont think so and just to let you know i did sell the system soo all of you guys are ****** retarded and dont know the real price you can get for something its called bargaining you dumb ***** soo you should learn how and shove it
  10. (Selling)Custom Built Intel PC

    ok well to all you dumb***'s that said i couldnt sell it for i just sold it for 1200 maybe you people should learn how to bargain better and not be such douche bags
  11. (Selling)Custom Built Intel PC

    Ok well i have it on craigslist soo
  12. (Selling)Custom Built Intel PC

    hey guys heres just a lil video with some pics if took of my comp U can contact me at heretic_069@hotmail.com Selling_Computer_Movie.wmv
  13. (Selling)Custom Built Intel PC

    ooo ok i was just putting how much i bought everything for but thanks