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  1. Ite 8211/8212 Driver

    I also would like a fix for this im trying to install leopard but since my cd drive is on my ite ata port it gets a still waiting for root device error.... i have an ITE 8211
  2. I am having the same exact problem i have the same computer to.... does any one know the motherboard of the computer so far i know it is a hannstar motherboard but i need a bios for it... any help would be great.. thanks.
  3. slow cd read

    I tried everything its still not working is there anything else i can do also why when the cd boots after a while all i get is a blue screen with no mouse and then the cd stops working also does anyone know the chipset of the dell b130 or 1300 because there the same model... thanks.
  4. slow cd read

    i have a b130 dell laptop and i have all three versions of intel mac os x tiger 10.4.1 10.4.3 i am trying to install 10.4.3 8f1111 but everytime i boot with the cd to install the darwin prompt loads fast but when it gets to the grey spinning apple my cd drive sounds like it starts to read the cd and thats all it keeps doing it never stops eventualy it will sometime load the installer but then there would be no mouse can someone please help thanks....