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  1. I stumbled upon two of these cases on craigslist and have stated one with your exact paint scheme. Love it love it and its coming along quite sick. If i keep and use both cases I may do the other in opposites (white front, black sides) if so i'll def post. Great job man
  2. I've done many of hackintoshing in the past but never ran into an issue like this before. After the install i find without the disc it wont boot into the os. I get the camilion menu but after that the os loads the white screen but i never get the pinwheel. I've searched and searched for someone with a similar issue but have yet to find anything. This is happening on a disc formatted with just osx on it. Shows efi partition in ternminal. I then installed it on the back of an existing windows 7 install and now get boot0 error. Like i said before though with the iaktos s3 v2 in the drive i am able to select either the system reserved partition for windows or my osx partition and it boots smoothly after that. Any input would be greatly appreciated at this point. Thanks again guys. Gateway NV52 Amd Athlon 64 x2 QL-65 Radeon 3200 - Working Azalia Audio - Working Atheros Wireless - Working Sata set to ahci, ahci sata was selected during install. Reinstalled chameleon, still no go.
  3. I spent weeks with failing installs because i never customized. I couldnt believe that the only thing that was stopping the install was the fact it was never actually being installed. Without this forum i'd probly still be in that boat.
  4. keyboard and mouse won't work?

    I've had the most luck with the apple ps2 kext over the voodoo. I'd give it a shot.
  5. Alienware M11X

    ps2 drivers will most likely do it.
  6. Knockoff Mac Keyboard

    Yeah the ipad connector one is listed on ebay as well, so it must be half decent to be resold. Get an ipad and that connector then retrofit to an ibook or something. Probly work out pretty sweet.
  7. It seems no one has responded to this. I would like to say thank you very much for clearing up the last issue with my acer. Full on hackbook pro now. Thank you once again and how you figured this out is totally wild. Thanks man.
  8. Knockoff Mac Keyboard

    Found this on ebay straight out of hong kong. For 20 bucks it looks like a pretty sweet deal. Just wondered if anyone has bought one. Had a laptop that needed a keyboard and was very close to buying this one modding it into the case then hard wiring in usb. Ebay Keyboard
  9. My Acer Aspire 4315. This is a wonderful machine. I actually only paid 20 bucks for it since the previous owner neglected it. Had to purchase a new keyboard on ebay for an additional 20. Total investment 40 bucks.
  10. v3 on 5.7 refers to the third release of that distro. sl is the way to go. if that card isnt recognized by sl grab a dell wireless 1390 card off ebay. got mine for 7 bucks shipped. my acer 4315 has never been the same.
  11. ram in system profiler

    i dont actually, got my ethernet working by diggin my junk comp pile and finding a realtek 8139. life is good.
  12. ram in system profiler

    well no solution as of yet on ethernet prob, for now i guess i'll stick to unplug and replug. this thing sleeps more then its up so its not that big of a deal. the ram thing never got sorted out but the about mac did. thanks a lot for the help. i gotta post some pictures of this case.
  13. ram in system profiler

    thanks alot man, it's weird i used to run 10.5.5 on here the nic worked fine but since i upgraded it has been giving me problems. i'm goin to try one of the older kexts and see if that stabilizes it.