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  1. irrinccet

    What am I doing wrong with Final Cut Pro 7

    I think I must be doing my math wrong because it seems if I keep going that rate, Id only make a dime per 1,000 views. But its been a long week and I shouldnt try to think too much after a week like that. Please feel free to correct my math skills because - even at the best of times - they suck horribly. LOL
  2. irrinccet

    Administrator User? 10.5.5 iDenab

    Try to reset the password on the ADS for administrator and one of the users you are testing with and logon from the NAS XSR SMB server again. Can you add a new user in the ADS with access rights to the shares and does this show up on the NAS server. If it does go to that system where the user resides and try to logon. Check the Account Policies and Kerberos Policy because changing to PDC to ADS now uses Kerberos. Check to see if there is any possible deviation of the FQDN that happened recently with this change. Also was there any changes in Windows to the NAS storage with "computer_name" on the share change in the ACL rights in the Windows Server?
  3. irrinccet

    EBIOS Error During Install DVD Boot

    Yes. The problem was that the OS X drive that i used was the primary drive that had all the boot info on it. So when i formatted the drive it got rid of it all. Then the Vista drive was the 3rd in my sequence. So i had to switch that to my first drive. Even then the Vista DVD didnt recognize that i had a Vista install. So i had to just reinstall. Meh now that i got it done and the boot info is there. I am gonna try and get OS X and Ubuntu installed. Only thing is i dont have a spare drive for OS X and need to know if i can partition the 160GB to 2 80GB parts and get OS X and Ubuntu installed.
  4. irrinccet

    Virtual Box on a hacmac

    I have an Intel Graphics card on my laptop. My friend looked it up and it should work. I have tried Wine, VMWare, and Virtual Box 3 all with no luck. Last I tried it ran slow and the graphics on the login screen appeared funny. And yes its a free game I think there are things you can buy, which I think paying real money for game money is just stupid
  5. irrinccet

    Leopard install on g4

    Ive installed Leopard succesfully on my AMD Sempron 3100. I used the Zephyroth 10.5.2 Install Disc, but there were problems. When I wanted to install the System with the disc, anything seemed normal until I rebooted the computer. The System locked up in the "Choose your Keyboard layout" screen. But I found a solution: I installed Tiger first and then I upgraded Tiger to Leopard. So the screen wasnt shown to me anymore, and I just had a fine install.
  6. irrinccet

    Hacked PS/2 Driver :)

    I have tried it. It works, but the string in the BIOS said "Vista string", and that irritated me a bit... also didnt help at all under Windows XP so I reverted it. It cant be done on non-HP machine, though, sadly. The tool is only available for HP BIOS. It should be abundantly clear now that ION LE is ION... so you can just force a driver install with the ION drivers and youll get yourself ION.
  7. irrinccet

    Help macbook refuse to install OS X

    I was just wondering if I could use my Macbook pro and install Leopard via Target Disk Mode?? I am assuming no because it is Intel. I already tried TDM and was unsuccessful in seeing the drive on my screen. The cube had the firewire icon bouncing around on its screen but no response on the MBP. Thanks