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  1. New Intel Logo Wallpaper

    Yeah, it was a little dirty there. I'll get it patched up and reuploaded today. Do you know where I can get a copy of the osX86 site logo for use in these wallpapers?
  2. http://static.flickr.com/42/82424702_fc12ba1f6e_o.jpg Enjoy. Comments appreciated. I understand that it is simplistic, but wanted to get something done quickly.
  3. Slow Boot Troubles (AMD X2, Generic DVD)

    My bios sucks, will not boot to firewire drive. Well, this has been fun, but I'm going to go ahead and buy a proper chip & mb combo. End of current experiment...
  4. Slow Boot Troubles (AMD X2, Generic DVD)

    Changed enclosures for nearly double my last score (15.81), but I think my sound glitch in iTunes is because the sound card is USB and the drive is USB...sending to and from on the same bus might be the problem. I'm thinking about switching to firewire for two reasons...the first is what I've already mentioned, and the other is that (correct me if I'm wrong) Firewire supposedly has a better sustained data rate than USB. I'll post results after I'm done. Wish me luck, and still waiting on someone to discuss the shell script mentioned in an earlier post.
  5. Slow Boot Troubles (AMD X2, Generic DVD)

    Just thought you guys would like to know, Xbench scores are up to 8.64 from 3.00.
  6. Slow Boot Troubles (AMD X2, Generic DVD)

    Ok, I'm lazy and stupid, so instead of cloning the drive, I just reinstalled the os. Eh, it took forever, but what do I care, I was sleeping through it anyway. External USB drive is running quite a bit faster than the IDE. I'm noticing some small glitches in iTunes, but I think it's because the system just hasn't hit its stride yet...I noticed last time that it ran faster each time it booted, pretty much. Now, the only thing left is to get a video card that doesn't suck. I saw a GeForce PCIx card for $159, I think I'll bite on it. Still interested about that link to the script shell, so if you care to inform, I'd appreciate it.
  7. Slow Boot Troubles (AMD X2, Generic DVD)

    Ah, the difference in our two systems is definately the chipset. Mine says 'ATI IXP 400'. The whole what-if conversation really buzzed around my cohorts today...what if you were to push the image onto a 4gb CF card, and on and on. I'm really new to this, so if you could, either a link or an example would be appreciated on the shell script side. Also, any suggestions on how I'd go about mirroring my current IDE install to an external USB drive would be really handy. I'm currently clearing off my external, so after that I'm going to go hunting for the disc utility. Also, got hold of the Creative Sound Blaster 24-bit external, and it worked like a charm, iTunes is jammin'.
  8. Slow Boot Troubles (AMD X2, Generic DVD)

    Also, what if I pushed off my current working image to an external drive? Would this help?
  9. External Hard Drive

    What is the Windows DD method that you speak of?
  10. I'm using an Apple USB keyboard on an X2 as well. I managed to disconnect it, wait until it boots (spinner starts), and then jack it back in and it worked. You might want to give it a try.
  11. Slow Boot Troubles (AMD X2, Generic DVD)

    Open Using Rosetta didn't work on Preview. Wondering what's up with that... Found out that it's a video card issue, so I'll wait until I get a different card. Had a theory...what if you used an intel IDE raid card in a box with an ATi chipset? Would you be able to disable the onboard IDE controller and take advantage of the intel kexts? Lemmie know if this is just a stupid question or whatever. Also, what new video card should I hedge my bets on? Nvidia or ATi PCIx, or should I just go find a old 'n' cheap PCI card that's in the HCL? Suggestions?
  12. Slow Boot Troubles (AMD X2, Generic DVD)

    Here's my Xbench results:
  13. Slow Boot Troubles (AMD X2, Generic DVD)

    Thanks! Will do. I'm having some graphics issues (no preview), but I'm searching the forum now. I think my best bet is to get a better video card in the box. I'm also experiencing some weirdness when it comes to keyboards...the only USB one I had laying around was my old iMac USB keyboard, which works, but it locks up the machine at startup if it's plugged in (gotta wait for the spinner o' doom to come first before I plug it in). I'm wondering if it's because I've got the mouse and keyboard on separate USB headers or if it's something else causing the hang. BTW, without drivers, the Logitech MX 500 retains some of its features in OSx86, including scroll buttons and the wheel. Found the image preview -> run with rosetta thing. Guess I get to test two with one stone on this one. I'll give it a go after Xbench finishes up.
  14. Slow Boot Troubles (AMD X2, Generic DVD)

    Hey, wanted to let you know I got it to boot, but still slow. iTunes works, not sure on the Rosetta end. Plugged in my NTFS formatted USB drive, and it picked it up like a champ. Everything's working, except for sound, but no worries, I'll be getting an external sound card tomorrow. More suggestions? I saw some folks saying something about measuring disc performance, but I don't know how to get that one done.
  15. Hey guys, appreciate all the hard work. I, for one, would probably give my left nut for Apple to release OSX to the vanilla PC world, but since that'll never happen, thanks for your efforts (which have allowed me to keep my gonads intact). Ok, enough with the pleasantries, on with the show... First time installer. Dumping image onto a brand new HP Pavilion a1250n, with the following specs: - AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ 2GHz Processor - 1GB PC3200 RAM - 250GB Sata Hard Drive (not in use for this install) - 16X DVD+/-RW and 16X DVD Drives - ATi Radeon Xpress 200 - 120GB WD IDE Hard Drive (currently installed on) Install was extremely slow, but my patience was rewarded. After a long night, system installed. The only problem is that it takes forever to boot. Right now, I'm sitting at a pale blue screen with only my cursor to keep me company. Any suggestions welcome & greatly appreciated, more than happy to give any additional info needed, just ask.