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  1. Neu Bios Gigabyte GA-EP45T-UD3LR

    DANKE DANKE DANKE !!!! Mt der Boot-CD und dem cartri BIOS läuft mein System sehr sehr gut! ... rock on ...
  2. SSL Duende PCIe card on Snow Leopard

    Hi Thanks !! I used another boot-cd and now everything works fine. Before the change of the boot-plist did not make any change !!!1 Thanks alot !!!!!
  3. Neu Bios Gigabyte GA-EP45T-UD3LR

    Hi Hugo, thanks! I´ll send you a PM. best regards, mocOS
  4. Neu Bios Gigabyte GA-EP45T-UD3LR

    Hi, thanks for the fast replies! I also tried to add the com.apple.boot.plist to the extra folder but it also did not work. Maybe this is because I did not run a postinstaller? I only installed the bootloader that came with the bios before I updated the bios and afterwards I just bootet as described in the manual but I did not run any postinstall. Maybe you can give me some hints how I should proceed to get a good bootloader. At the moment I can not test but I will do it when I am back home in the afternoon today. best regards, mocOS
  5. Neu Bios Gigabyte GA-EP45T-UD3LR

    Hallo, thanks for this great bios. Everything on my system (EP45T-UD3LR, Geforce 9800GT, Hammerfall DSP card, SSL Duende PCIe card, UAD-1 PCI-card, Firewire addon card) seems to work perfect now but somehow my system boots the 64bit kernel by default. When I start the system with -x32 at the bootloader all my cards are detected and work fine. In 64bit mode the UAD-1 and the SSL Duende card are not detected by the system as there are no 64bit Kext´s available for these devices. When I edit my com.apple.boot.plist (nano /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist) to i386 it has no effect on the boot process. Do you have any hint for me what I am doing wrong? How can I always boot the 32bit kernel by default? I really hope somebody can help me with this little issue as I do not want to enter -x32 at every system start. best regards, mocOS
  6. SSL Duende PCIe card on Snow Leopard

    Ok! After all other efforts did not work I have now upgraded to a special bios that should support all features of the EP45T-UD3LR. http://cartri.net/blog/mac-bios-status-table Everything worked fine so far and now my Geforce 9800 GT is also shown in the hardware information as PCI device. All my audio cards (RME Hammerfall DSP, UAD-1 PCI-card and SSLD Duende) work great now in 32bit mode!!!! I had to switch my System to 32 bit mode and now the cards are detected!!!! Great that the solution is that simple! The only problem I have left is that I cannot set the system to boot permanently with the 32bit kernel. It only works when I write -x32 as a start parameter at the bootloader but I would like to have this by default of course. It has no effect when I edit the file /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist to i386 kernel. This setting seems to have no effect on my system. I hope anyone of you can tell me what I am doing wrong. So, this is at the moment my last problem together with the geforce 9800GT fan running at very high speed. THANKS AGAIN GUYS FOR YOUR SUPPORT !!!!! best regard, mocOS
  7. SSL Duende PCIe card on Snow Leopard

    I guess I made those files some time ago or they have been installed automatically with the bootloader. Maybe I also copied one to the other folder because I was not sure where to put the file. I can remember that I had some problem that my bios was always resetted to the default values after a reboot and I think I fixed this somehow within this file. I am not sure though! The PCI RME card is the following PCI card: So, do you suggest that I install another bootloader to my system? What is the best way to proceed to do this update?
  8. SSL Duende PCIe card on Snow Leopard

    I have two DSDT.aml files on my system and I do not know which one is used. There is one in the root and one in the /Extra folder. EXTRA_DSDT.aml.zip ROOT_dsdt.aml.zip Would be great if you could have a look in these files for me. Is there a real need of using another bootloader? Could this also solve my problems with the not detected ssl duende pcie card? If yes maybe you can give some hints what I have to take care about when I want to update to this bootloader. Regarding the Hammerfall DSP Card I will check the exact name later today when I am back home. At the moment I only have a remote connection to the system. :mellow: Looking forward to your replies! best regards, mocOS
  9. SSL Duende PCIe card on Snow Leopard

    Hi, thanks for the very fast reply!!!! I can not see the card within the system profiler and I also cannot find it within the ioRegistryExplorer. I can see the RME card though (in ioRegistryExplorer) and it is also visible within the audio settings. But I cannot get any live sign of the ssl duende pcie card. I would really be very happy if this could be solved somehow. Oh I nearly forgot I use a retail version of Snow Leopard and I have a Darwin Bootloader. Maybe my ioreg file helps you to see wether there is a PCIe device which could be the duende card. duende.ioreg.zip best regards, mocOS
  10. Hallo, I am pretty new to this but I have managed everything so far but now I have some problems with my SSL Duende PCIe card. I have not found a solution for my problem yet. I have a Gigabyte EP45T-UD3LR MoBo, a Geforce 9800GT and everything works fine so far and the SSL Duende PCIe card is also detected within Windows 7. On SL I can not see the card within the tool that comes with the SSL Duende driver. Does anyone have an idea how I can get this card to work? I also have an RME Hammerfall DSP PCI card which is not detected by SL but this is another problem. The most important problem for me at the moment is the SSL Duende. Maybe somebody can give me some hints. That would be so great!!!! best regards, mocOS
  11. Hi, I still have the problem with various configurations (different DVD drives and different harddrives; both S-ATA and IDE) that always my installation fails after a very short time when the copy process starts. I have a new original Retail DVD but the installer always fails to copy the files. I have not selected the printer drivers and so on for the install. It would really be great if someone has an idea what may cause these problem or where I may find some more hints regarding this problem. I have an EP45T-UD3LR Mainboard and a dual core cpu. Any help will really be appreciated !!!! ... thanks ...
  12. Thanks for this great guide!!! Everything just works perfect. A defect ram module has caused a lot headache though best regards, mocOS ...