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  1. Hi everybody. I'll try to be brief but I'm going insane. I just picked up an Xserve G4 and a TrendNet-N router and seem to be having a weird issue. After allowing Screen Sharing and File Sharing on 3 of my Macs they each only see each other as PC servers, thus the screen sharing button isn't there and I can't use my Xserve as a Time Machine backup without resorting to hacks (which I don't even need Server for). The really bizarre part is that if I do "Go to Server" and put in the afp/vnc and IP I'm able to connect. However, this makes it a real pain to keep all my Macs connected to the wireless since I have to go around and manually connect every single time they disconnect or users sign off. I'm assuming that this is a Bonjour issue, because obviously the computers are accessible, just not "seen" automatically. One of the whole reasons I bought this setup was to use Leopard Server as a remote Time Machine backup. But at this point is just a passive pain. Perhaps I need to do some port management on the router but I have no idea where to start. Any ideas? Thanks, -Avery