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  1. I think most people that dual-boot just do that because they either 1) want to play with OS X next to their Windows environment 2) want to play games on Windows or 3) dont have a system powerful enough to virtualize applications they would normally run under Windows. IMHO every application available on Windows has an OS X equivalent, be it from another developer or under another name. Work your way into the OS and you will learn that you do not NEED Windows for anything (other then unknown/irregular business/sector-specific applications) other than playing games. I ran Office for Mac 2011 on my Hackintosh and theres no chance that anyone is going to tell me that that works less well than its Windows equivalent. Just because its simply the same. Why would it do better on the same system, except with Windows installed? It doesnt. The only thing that differs is the user experience, and this is exactly why noone can convince you that theres anything better than a Windows Office environment. Because you are used to the way that Windows works, you are used to the way that Microsoft Office works (in Windows), and have been using this environment ever since youve first used it. For example, I was born and raised speaking a dialect Dutch. I speak Dutch all the time, but it doesnt compare to speaking the dialect. Noone can convince me either that theres something more beautiful and pure as the dialect I speak, although others will disagree. Haha yes! I must second this so badly. 2 years ago was the first time I finished a smooth retail installation on my workstation. Its a p5ql-e with q8200 cpu 4850 gpu. The user experience was just so smooth, I fell in love. After that I bought a second hand Macbook Air, reinstalled Windows.... Had to sell the Air again, so Im back with 10.7 retail on the PC once more, and I am 100% sure I will never return to Windows (at home this is, please note!). Everything works like a charm, and its so smooth. I am an IT administrator and I work with Windows XP/7 2003/2008/R2 environments all the time. I have been frustrated so many times coming home after a week of work, starting my (Windows) pc, run something and be prompted to install this, or do that, reminders, popups, UAC. Yes, I know this isnt something that happens all the time. But you see my point, right? I honestly tell you guys its such a relief coming home, turning on my PC, boots for like 20 secs on a 5400 rpm drive, and everything works..... No crazy menus I have to go through all the time, no annoying popups, just a fckkking straightforward operating system that gets me where I want to go every single time. Without annoying me. And I love it for that reason specifically. Thank you insanelymac. For helping me discover one of the more amazing pieces of software on our planet. For helping me setting it up, and keeping it stable. Thank you, for sharing this post regarding the Windows 8 Developer preview, too. It has been out there for a while now and Ive heard lots of positive reactions about it; mostly regarding the work on ARM tabels (and possible x86 atoms too, but I wont see that happen too quickly due to heat etc). Metro looks good, has a intuitive feel to it too. Nevertheless I must agree I cannot see this work at offices or workplaces, simply because it doesnt rely on the Windows Desktop power. This may be something I (or we), have to get used to. For me it might be similar to getting used to OS X's simplicity. But in a messier variant ofcourse.
  2. Snow Leopard 10.6.6 + HD4850

    Hey guys! So, I have been lurking quite a while now in these boards. After a few years of experimenting over time, I have recently made the step of replacing my Windows 7 OS with OS X. First, some hardware specifications: Mainboard: Asus P5QL-E CPU: Intel Core2Quad Q8200 RAM: G.Skill 2x 2GB DDR2 PC10000 HDD: Toshiba 160GB SATAII GPU: Asus HD4850 EAH4850 TOP 512MB Partitions: TOSHIBA 160gb 1) OSX - 40GB 2) DATA - 120GB Sandisk Cruzer 8gb 1) Mac OS X Install DVD (Snow Leopard Install DVD restored to this partition) Western Digital 80gb (IDE, TURNED OFF) 1) DATA - 80gb Turned off my IDE harddrive to make sure it wont cause any problems. How I installed: I started off with installing iPC 10.5.6 PPF5 to a secondary partition to get a working mac os x environment to screw around with. Recovered Snow Leopard dmg to USB stick, and patched it with MyHack 1.1.0 to make it bootable. Installed OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.0 from the USB stick. Was able to boot with -x -v afterwards, without any gfx support (couldnt change res, was stuck at 1360x768 etc). I updated to 10.6.6 to get all updates including the graphics update. Afterwards, added the devid off my gpu to ATI4800Controller.kext and GraphicsEnabler=yes to my boot.plist. I restarted, and found my screen turned off. Connecting my second screen fixed this, yet my system only displayed on my main display. Now I am using OS X 10.6.6 with (I think, how can I check this?) full QE/CI support and changeable resolution, on a DVI screen. My second monitor is connected to my second DVI port, through a DVI->VGA connector. This screen wont be detected and does not display anything. I have tried numerous things, and couldnt get my second screen to work. I am currently using this package: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...405&st=160# Using EvoEnabler turned my screen black and garbled all over on boot. Any help is very much appreciated!