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  1. Fellows this guide works on ati X600, refresh rate up to 85hz. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1366966 don't be a shame to hack a mac, they stole the whole thing from FreeBSD and UniX
  2. Thanks X3NSE u are genius had a issue with my Acer 1690 ati X600, could not change the refreshing rate 60hz fellowed your guide now my osx86 it´s running on 85hz . and my eyes don´t hurt any more thanks again Vinan
  3. hi Iaktos V2 works fine on aspire 1690 all most out of the box, just do as the above utube video, have som issue with the network still, but give a full guide later on Cheers Vinan
  4. Hi Suronal and rest of the click I tried the Jas vers. but it faild on me, beside OS X 10.4 looks like win 98 compare to 10.5 v. check out this guy he use iaktos v2 disk, i will go for that report later http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTEIqbcDz6g
  5. Hi guys i have tried to install iAktos v5, v7 and 2 of the IPC distributions, one of them were the 6.5gb image V7 boots up with chameleon and get to the apple screen, but after while it shows a “broken image icon” The funny thing is If I fire it up with the dvd and press F8. then tab "-v rd=disk0s3" for my case is disk3 all go well. I can use the mac os x desktop. But no drivers are installed beside the vga. Any clues ?? I will give Jas a try this weekend, Any body have any suggestions, driver hints or links about aspire 1690, on mac OS X Be kind and share you knowledge. Thanks Vinan