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  1. Actarus

    z77-ds3h 6 screen sierra running great

    Thank you very much for the clover files, mine is now also working great including the sound. Great job.
  2. Take a look here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/299985-airdropcontinuityhands-off-fix-how-to/
  3. Actarus

    [Success] Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H

    I'm using none as I used to do in ML, but using the Generic one gives the same result.
  4. Actarus

    [Success] Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H

    Yes, it's still happening. I had to add Freezefix to starting programs like I used to do in ML. The Big problem is with USb 3.0. Although it's working and devices are visible, when transferring a file bigger than 2GB Aprox. the transfer freezes and stops. It's very annoying.
  5. I'm using GA-Z77-DS3H, I've installed the 1.2.7 version and the devices are recognized and work but when transferring files greater than 2GB aprox. the transfer stops and and gets stuck. In fact it transfers some data each 4 minutes and stops. I'm using Mavericks. Any help apreciated.
  6. Actarus


    Installed with 560 ti. Opengl working, not opencl (patch doesn't work). But huge problem, Finder is rebooting every few minutes closing everything opened.
  7. You need 10.7.2 to use this enabler. That's the problem.
  8. Same card here and not working. What did you exactly do? Did you need to also install the Aty file in order the card to be recognized? What i did: Fresh install Install 5xx enabler only add pciroouid and graphicenablers on chameleon and remove AppleUpstream.... Not working. Tried to add teh other file called Aty_something and nothing. Always booting but in 1024x768.
  9. Actarus

    Radeon HD6970

    Netkas developed a driver for 6950/6970 cards. I watched that somewhere, but i find strange that the 6970 isn't supported oob like the 6870 one.
  10. Neither of them work. I've tried both. Seems there is no fix for my computer, but well, at least everything else works. Great guide with great files Scrax.
  11. Updated to 10.6.4. Everything working but sound. Sound is gone, in System Profiler the built in audio appears but it dos not appear in System Preferences, so that it cannot be choosen to be the audio device!! Strange thing. EDIT: Everything is working again. Still No power off.
  12. I spoke too fast. Power off doesn't work, another minor issue but a bit annoying. I think there is a kext for that.
  13. Ok, finally everything is working. Thanks a lot scraxx. I'm using istats and the only minor issue is that the mobo temperature appears 10 degrees higuer than the real temp, but it's only a minor thing. thanks again mate.
  14. Sound still not working here. As i've read, there is a problem related to 10.6.3.
  15. ooops sorry mate, i didn't notice it wasn't updated. Now the info is correct. It's a P5KC. I'm gonna try the AppleHDA you just sugested to Goymer.