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  1. Zotac zbox HD-ND22

    Hallo GInGout, here are some answers: a: I ' m started with OSx86 on AMD based motherboards tree years ago. That's the reason why I do prefere AMD based (Snow) Leopard versions like Hazard, iPC or others. b: 18 month ago I took a deeper look into the hardware of Mac mini's and Macbooks. So I decided to test XFX and MSI mainboards with the ION chipset. c: Last September I bought a ASUS EeeBoxPC 1501U. The EeeBoxPC runs without modifications with the HDD's from the ION- based mainboards I 've tested before. d: Now I'm planning to build up the cheapest Mac clone. Therefore I think, the Zotac ND-22 is the best solution, because the Foxconn nt525 Box has only one SO-DIMM socket. The Zotac Box is planned to be placed behind a 24" full HD+ monitor. So it is a good alternative to a notebook. Bye.
  2. Zotac zbox HD-ND22

    Hallo GInGout, the new Harzard Snow Leopard 10.6.6i is annouced. Perhaps it would be a good choice to test it (doin' a new, clean install). I'm still waiting for this compilation. The adapted Chameleon (2RC3) for the ION I've also found a few month ago in the ion_itx package. This Chameleon works good, but you can't set the boot options with help of the system control panel (double click on Chameleon icon). The "build in" configurator for the *boot.plist in the Chameleon 2RC5 versions is a nice tool. Until now, I 've never tested the Asere bootloader. But perhaps soon. I' m on the search for a new ION- based mini PC. Zotac is okay, but the Foxconn box is a hard competitor. The Foxconn box without RAM and HDD is offered for 154,--€! Therefore one question about the Zotac box: "Did it have two SO-DIMM sockets for note- book RAM (dual mode), or is one socket for WLAN? Have a nice weekend.
  3. Zotac zbox HD-ND22

    Hallo GInGOut, the sound problem can be solved by using the Voodoo HDA package 2.7.2. I' ve running the SL on ASUS EeeBoxPC 1501U, on the XFX 9300 and on the MSI P7MGN-digital mainboard. Never had have problems with the ION- Chip. Nearly everything is working out of the box. My SL source is allways Hazard. During installation I never choose a chipset or graphics driver for the ION. The only special driver is for LAN (depending on the network chip). In the Chameleon bootloader there is no need to selct nv-inject or USB-Fix. Hope, this will help.