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  1. Skygo

    succede lo stesso ache a me, sei poi riuscito a farlo andare?
  2. TeamViewer suddenly not working

    yes not working with new version
  3. new trackpad driver? 1000H

    Also I cannot disable trackpad tapping and it drives me crazy cause it is too sensible. Any way to disable that?
  4. Hi, I am getting KP with new sleepenabler right after it loads at boot but only in 64bit mode. If I boot in 32bit works perfect. Anyone has any Idea why this could happen? Thanks
  5. I have the same problem on SL. It was running fine on leo but now I cannot play games on it at all.. everything runs but super slow graphics... strange
  6. Intel 82801G

    have the same prob here. Have you found any solution to this? thanks
  7. G31M-ES2L USB power problem

    anyone? pls. Could it be something in the dsdt?
  8. Hi, I have a retail installation on my G31M-ES2L with almost everything vanilla. I just load some extrakext through efi but i am having some strange problems with usb devices. they work fine but for ex I can't seem to update my IPod. Basically it syncs a couple of songs and then hangs. I also have a usb wireless device and i notice that when I plug in my ipod, the wireless device stops working as if there is not enough power for both.. Any one has any advice or kext i can use to solve this? Thank you
  9. Pacifist not working for me..
  10. check the usb keyboard support on the bios settings
  11. Hi, how did you get Eternal theme on leo ?? Thanks
  12. scheda wireless come airport

    ti ho risposto
  13. Se a qualcuno interessa ho una scheda pci linksys 54mbit che viene riconosciuta come airport e che quindi non richiede di nessuna modifica o driver. Madatemi pm se interessati. ciao
  14. Xtorrent can't register serial

    sorry no news. It's really annoying. I guess some apps just don't work with hackintoshes
  15. Xtorrent can't register serial

    I use transmission as well but I like the search feature of xtorrent. The problem is I'm running it on an hackintosh. I tried it on a macbook and it works fine. So it's something not working on my hackintosh..