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  1. acualy is on my install USB that i am testing it i dont want to screwup the install works fine, just last thing i am missing is the native 64bit, the kextcache is clired on the install USB yes. i hope i am on the right track to test this. i dont want to play whit my real install if i am not 100% shure is gona work.
  2. I dont know but on my asus P5N-E SLi (nforce 650i) dosent work , it gives me and error on booting saying that culdent load some nforce related kext
  3. Btw i wanted to ask you, haws the full 64bit mode progressing? I ferly new to the scene i didnt manage to read that much yet but i understand the 64bit drivers are bing worked on .
  4. i just wanted to say tanks for the guide helped me install SL on my rig in the first try buy using guid + coments form the comunity i am naw fully running OSX 10.6.2 24h np yet, tested about 10 appys . Thanks to verdant for his effort on nForce chpset and all are welcome to PM me if you have the same Mobo as me. Cheers