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  1. Thank you, it worked perfectly! I went the extra cautious route and changed board-id and system serial in addition to the system ID. My About My Mac no longer has extra details like "Retina, late 2013" alongside "MacBook Pro" though, which is a little bit weird. Never mind, now my About My Mac shows that my Hack is the same model as my original MacBook! System Information's Hardware Overview still shows that i'm a MacBookPro11,2 though.
  2. Does the MLB/ROM from your real Mac have to match the model in Clover's SMBIOS? I have an MLB/ROM combo from a mid-2008 MacBook (not a Pro model), and my hack is using a late-2013 MacBook Pro SMBIOS.
  3. expertmac2

    Is my custom personality correct?

    Hi! I'm trying to make a custom ATI personality, and I suspect that my personality is incorrect as when the computer is about to boot into the GUI, it gives me a screen that is half striped-white and half black. I patched it into Pondweed in AMD6000Controller.kext and I am booting with GE=yes AtiConfig=Pondweed. I am not able to use any of the vanilla personalities as my LVDS is on connector 2 instead of 1. radeon bios decode: ATOM BIOS Rom: SubsystemVendorID: 0x1002 SubsystemID: 0x9647 IOBaseAddress: 0x4000 Filename: BR40913.bin BIOS Bootup Message: Toshiba Llano/SUMO VBIOS PCI ID: 1002:9647 Connector at index 0 Type [@offset 45696]: VGA (1) Encoder [@offset 45700]: INTERNAL_UNIPHY2 (0x21) Encoder [@offset 45702]: unknown (0x22) i2cid [@offset 45844]: 0x91, OSX senseid: 0x2 Connector at index 1 Type [@offset 45708]: LVDS (7) Encoder [@offset 45712]: INTERNAL_UNIPHY2 (0x21) Encoder [@offset 45714]: unknown (0x23) i2cid [@offset 45879]: 0x90, OSX senseid: 0x1 Connector at index 2 Type [@offset 45720]: HDMI-A (11) Encoder [@offset 45724]: INTERNAL_UNIPHY (0x1e) i2cid [@offset 45914]: 0x92, OSX senseid: 0x3 redsock_bios_decode: BR40913.bin : Toshiba Llano/SUMO VBIOS Subsystem Vendor ID: 1002 Subsystem ID: 9647 Object Header Structure Size: 573 Connector Object Table Offset: 5e Router Object Table Offset: 0 Encoder Object Table Offset: 164 Display Path Table Offset: 12 Connector Object Id [5] which is [VGA] encoder obj id [0x21] which is [INTERNAL_UNIPHY2 (osx txmit 0x12 [duallink 0x2] enc 0x4)] linkb: false encoder obj id [0x22] which is [(unknown)] linkb: false Connector Object Id [14] which is [LVDS] encoder obj id [0x21] which is [INTERNAL_UNIPHY2 (osx txmit 0x22 [duallink 0x2] enc 0x5)] linkb: true encoder obj id [0x23] which is [(unknown)] linkb: true Connector Object Id [12] which is [HDMI_TYPE_A] encoder obj id [0x1e] which is [INTERNAL_UNIPHY (osx txmit 0x10 [duallink 0x0] enc 0x0)] linkb: false Personality: 10 00 00 00 10 00 00 00 01 00 00 00 12 04 01 02 // VGA 02 00 00 00 40 00 00 00 08 01 00 00 22 05 00 01 // LVDS 00 08 00 00 00 02 00 00 01 00 00 00 10 00 02 03 // HDMI Did I make any mistakes?
  4. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/281450-mavericks-kernel-testing-on-amd-formerly-mountain-lion-kernel-testing-on-amd/?p=1998937 That kernel worked for me Installing now! I will report back if it works! Apparently "Essential System Software" is missing from my install disk. I'll try to create it again using myhack... Still getting the same error Opening Terminal and running ls /System/Installation/Packages shows that all the packages are indeed there though. I suspect it is OSInstall.mpkg, so I'll copy a clean one and apply an MBR patch manually instead of having myHack do it for me...The partition I created the installer on wasn't big enough! myHack didn't copy Essentials.pkg because there wasn't enough space. Resized it and now I'm creating the installer again Late update, but successfully installed! Thanks!
  5. This one: http://www.osx86.net/files/file/3736-amd-10910911092-kernel-update-iii-with-full-sse4-support/
  6. My hardware specs should be in my signature now. I'm booting mavericks with these boot flags: bsa_kernel -v GraphicsEnabler=no busratio=14 If you need my CPU-Z, here it is:
  7. I tried installing the two kexts, still getting opemu: ud2. But since I'm trying to boot 10.9.0, not 10.9.2, I shouldn't need to rollback those kexts, right?
  8. Hi! Been a while since i've looked at running mavericks on AMD! Anyway, I'm trying to get the 10.9.0 installer up, but I'm getting an opemu error ("opemu: ud2" spammed over and over after the root device is mounted) that I should only be getting if I'm running 10.9.2 and haven't rolled back certain kexts to their 10.9.0 version. That doesn't make sense, as I'm running 10.9.0, so I have the 10.9.0 kexts. I'm running the bsv_kernel (or "AnV 10.9.0 mach_kernel" on the patched kernels wiki page), as Bronya's 10.9.0 rc7 kernel panics fairly early without any explanation (no kexts in the backtrace). Processor: AMD A6-3400M Any suggestions?
  9. bronya's latest kernel results in: invalid kernel ip, won't attempt to handle trap opemu: (something about an invalid opcode): 62 88 1e 00 80 ff ff ff 08 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 being printed to the screen over and over and over until I power the computer off. (CPU: AMD A6-3400m, boot flags: -v -cpufamily busratio=20)
  10. using bronya's latest kernel (andy's kernel results in a black screen for me) results in this panic (caution, big image): also, does anybody know where I can get the latest version of the patched corecrypto? I'm asking because I get errors that AppleFDEKeyStore, AppleKeyStore, and PS2Keyboard (depends on FDEKeyStore) can't be loaded because com.apple.kec.corecrypto can't be found, yet I see corecrypto.kext in /S/L/E EDIT: installing a valid corecrypto.kext fixed that error. I still get the same panic though, so i'll try booting with flag -blacklist
  11. EDIT: whoops, saved post before finished. efi not supported problem is gone, but panics related to kexts appleacpiplatform and appleefinvram. the patched corecrypto.kext is installed.
  12. how would I fix this? i've tried booting with fsb=200, but still panics. should I try using a different bootloader like clover? EDIT: will try andy's RC5 kernel... EDIT 2: same crash
  13. EDIT: Forgot to mention, it is overclocked if I remember correctly