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  1. Shmoppa: I was running 10.6.2 like a champ with my P55-UD4P with a core i5 4GB of ram and a 9600GT. If you look around you will probably see that the jump between the i7 and the i5 is around 10% (or less) in performance increase does not justify (at least in my book) the price. for the past month I have been XP only, but up to that point (about 4 months prior to that) I had my hackintosh mildly OC'd to 3.2GHz and tearing up more expensive machines. so yes, in my opinion save the cash. buy a nice cooler (mine is the CoolerMaster v8 paid $35) and let it rip. hell with the money you saved if you ever burn it out you can buy another one to replace it! NT
  2. hey all. I am a new poster to this forum (obviously) but a long time lurker. I just got my parts together for my new computer and I am running into the IDENTICAL errors that desirico is running into. If I learn anything else I will post it here. EDIT: you MUST put the OSX disc in FIRST then hit F5. I am watching it load right now for me. EDIT: I got the version up and running. but after I loaded all the motherboard specific files and repaired the permissions on my first boot it now will show it is booting and then reset. I am trying it from scratch again.