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  1. cclloyd9785

    Multi-boot USB

    I want to create an install that can boot OS X 10.9, Windows 8.1, and Ubuntu 13.10 all on one USB, with a partition being usable for normal use. Is this possible? (Note: The OS X doesn't have to be hackintosh, I just couldn't find help anywhere else)
  2. cclloyd9785

    Time Machine without Time Capsule

    Well I don't have a router that supports that, and I want a wireless drive, so since they cost around the same price, I might as well get a time capsule. Thank you both of you.
  3. So I managed to install Lion, and was wondering... Am I able to use Time Machine with a wireless hard drive other than Time Capsule? I planned on getting a 4TB Blackarmor Seagate wireless drive if I can.
  4. cclloyd9785

    Need help creating EFI String

    I need to create an EFI string for my ATI Radeon HD Mobility 3100. How do I go about doing this?
  5. cclloyd9785

    Force screen resolution

    I have that same problem. Stuck at 1024x768 but need 1366x768. When I try to get chameleon RC4, it doesnt load proerly. Im stuck on RC2. Since i heard that RC2 doesnt have full SL support, im gussing thats y.
  6. Im not sure which kext I have installed, but It seemed to work a bit for me. When I try to set up my internet using a LAN ethernet, system preferences freezes. It worked once, until it said I have to manually setup an IP and stuff. How do I do that?
  7. After being annoyed for too long, I am asking, how can I jsut create my own kext since there are none for me. Do i have to find like a base to start with? I wnat to create a ATI Radeon 3100 kext, and a Realtek RTL1839 LAN kext.
  8. cclloyd9785

    [How To] Solutions for Ethernet Problems

    Do you have the Realtek RTL 1839 for snow leopard instead of tiger?
  9. cclloyd9785

    ATI Radeon HD pkg installers 10.5.x & 10.6

    Any support for Radeon Mobility 3100? A normal 3100 kext would work. 10.6.0. x64 if possiblle.
  10. cclloyd9785

    Kernel panic after installing voodoo

    Ok thank you. I never knew you just had to type.
  11. cclloyd9785

    Realtek RTL8139

    I heard this is nativly supported in 10.6.0. When I installed, I installed a AppleRTL8139LAN kext, and when i plug in an ethernet cord it doesnt work (when I go to the network assistant, it only lets me connect through my ISP, i just want to cnnect through my LAN.)
  12. cclloyd9785

    Kernel panic after installing voodoo

    How can I though on Chameleon 2.0 RC2. I never found out how to use boot flags on that bootloader. Attached is the picture of the boot loader (not my computer though)
  13. Is there ANY way I can change my com.apple.boot.plist in /Extra/ folder so that it boots to the chocolate kernel which was working instead of voodoo which i just installed?
  14. cclloyd9785

    Kakewalk 10.6.3 install

    And where can I find such an installation? Is there a kernel compatible with AMD?
  15. cclloyd9785

    Cant get certain resolution

    Edit/Bump: Is part of it, that it seems that the only supported resolutions are 16:10? If there is any resolution that is 16:9 i could get (720p mabye) i would also be thankful.