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  1. Wow, is this not great?

    From what I heard, this thing does work and will give you a significant boost in conversion performance on your G4, however, my belief is that if you can afford it, get a new computer, you'll see a dramatic increase in performance in all applications over the G4 if you get a new Intel system. My only problem with things like this is that the only accelerate one application and don't give you a speed boost for others, plus I am a little skeptical about this encoder in that makes use of the USB 2.0 bus, which in the connection world has a theoretical maximum bandwidth of 480 Mbps, not all that fast when you consider that your memory and processor talk to each other in the 3-6 GBps range. But hey, if it works, who cares what it uses...
  2. Hacking 2 - Transparent menu bar

    I've tried this program, doesn't want to work with spaces, you change to a new desktop and the window ends up being placed beneath the transparent menu bar instead of behind it.
  3. Install LED on older LCD Macbook Pro

    30 min is almost a 20% increase if you consider the average battery life for the old models is somewhere around 2.5-3 hours. I personally can't remember the last time a manufacturer added a 20% increase in running time to a laptop while upgrading the speed and keeping the battery the same size. As for adding a LED backlight to old Macbook Pro, I personally don't see why you couldn't, I know the LED backlights are smaller, the only issue one might run into is a power supply or connector problem, but hey if you want to find out for the rest of us, more power to you.
  4. Hacking Leopard GUI

    Nice job, I really like how you changed the running programs mark on the the bottom of the icon, the blue light on leopard just blends to well with the background to be useful.
  5. Bugs of 10.5

    had the same problem when I did the upgrade install, tried everything to fix it, ended up just doing a clean erase and install. This beta is not as far along as previous releases, I was reading a story on digg that outlined the road map for Leopard and it appears that they are still adding features until the end of Aug. when they bring out the final release candidate for testing. There is supposed to be a new build at the beginning of July and another at the beginning of Aug. The one in July is suppose to fix a majority of the problems from the 9A466 build.
  6. Bugs of 10.5

    Connecting to SMB shares seems to be hit or miss with this build. From what I can tell, it only wants to work if you use the IP address, I couldn't get it to connect correctly using the network name. Also, this build has issues connecting to Windows Vista SMB shares, neither the IP address or Network Name would work for me. Win XP and Linux SMB shares worked fine if you used the IP address.
  7. 9A466 Front Row?

    The new Front Row has some really weird bugs, for instance when you do a clean install of Leopard 9A466, the apple+esc command still works to bring Front Row up but after that, none of the keyboard commands work to navigate or exit Front Row, you have to use the remote. However, when I tried an upgrade install from Tiger to Leopard, keyboard navigation worked fine. This leads me to believe that Apple forgot to include some type of configuration file for Front Row in this build. I also noticed that an upgrade install seemed to fix some bugs, but caused others. After doing an upgrade, my Macbook Pro would not go into sleep mode anymore and Spotlight wanted to re-index my hard drive after every 2-3 restarts, really annoying.