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  1. Success! iATKOS v7 on Toshiba A55-S1063!

    Ok, just leaving this as is in case anyone else wants to try this too. It works, but I've restored the A55 back to XP. Leopard was fun, I even put Tiger on it to play with. I went back because of the total lack of support for that particular on board graphics chip. Early Tiger did support it, so if anyone REALLY wants OS X on this laptop, stay in the early Tiger stages, really early, like 10.4.1. The graphics chip in this computer in particular is the Intel 855GM chip at the id 3582. I knew it had to be supported at one time, because the installer recognizes this chip! In fact, one of the installers, I think the iATKOS v7, but it could have been an earlier one, even recognized the laptop as a Toshiba A55! So, for those that are set on using this particular laptop as a Hack, go for it, it can be done, quite easily in fact. Just be prepared to be stuck with native 1028 resolution, and no advanced control. For me the next stop, a few Hack desktops... (oh, and I traded off a G4 for a loaded to the hilt HP tower, aka, future quad boot. Snow, XP, 7, and Ubuntu...)
  2. Success! iATKOS v7 on Toshiba A55-S1063!

    All updated. Apple Software Update reports there are no updates available, and it's still running. I did figure out I'm getting the kernal panic exactly every other boot, regardless of what's or what's not hooked to the laptop. It's VooDoo kernal specific. I'll get a pic later and try and trace it down. For now though it's boot, panic, boot, run fine. I uploaded a pic of the computer with system profiler showing my info (10.5.8 and it's a MacBook, lmao). These are very common laptops and if I can get it all ironed out I may pick up a couple more!
  3. Success! iATKOS v7 on Toshiba A55-S1063!

    Quick update, software update from apple to 10.5.8 working... Crossing my fingers here, now downloading/installing security update 2009-006 from Apple. Worst case it crashes and I go to bed and start over again...
  4. Toshiba A55 S1063 from WalMart a number of years ago. Celeron M 1.5 1gig RAM Totally stock internals. Specs: Toshiba Support Site for Specs No major problems now since I got it to boot. Did find out 3 things so far: #1 Wired ethernet worked no problem. I do remember checking the intel pro when customizing the install. #2 Display is working as Generic Intel, limited to 1028 res. #3 Remember to disable sleep. I didn't and it didn't sleep, it simply froze. #4 Keyboard is not working, usb Ifeel mouse and Dynex usb keyboard are. But here's the weird part. If I boot with the keyboard plugged in, I get a kernal panic. Solution (for now) unplug keyboard, let it boot, plug keyboard back in. Very strange. Ok, so that's 4. I'm sure there's going to be more, but it's a start. If anyone wants any specifics on hardware, whatever, just ask and I'll see what I can do. :-) Oh and by the way, now that I actually got it up and running, I'll be trying to get as much working and tested as I can! Oh and by the way, now that I got it up and running I'll be working on getting as much to work as I can! I'd like to be able to add this to at least the hardware part of the wiki, but I'm still figuring out this website!
  5. Well, Hello there!

    Longish post, but hopefully worth your time to read! :-) Hey! Great site you have here! About a month ago the apple bug bit me. I haven't touched anything made by apple since my high school days (quite some time ago, I went from my Ti99/4a at home to Commodore64k's in middle school to whatever apple that was in high school, circa 1986 or so?) and it didn't really bother me. I was browsing a university surplus store about a month ago, where you can pick up gateway P4 desktops minus an OS for 60 to 70 bucks, and this funky looking box was calling my name. It was an Apple Power Mac G4, 60GigHDD, 1Gig RAM, and dual 533 Power Pc processors. It came with a fresh install of 10.4.7 and was marked for $47. I complained because the sticker said "vga doesn't work" and the DVI is Apple specific. So they threw in a 17" Studio Display LCD monitor, and I was sold. ;-) Brought it home, and just fell in love with Tiger! It seemed to be everything WinDoze wasn't. Until I updated the software. It updated to 10.4.11 just fine. Then I installed some security patches. I got hosed. 2009-002 I believe it was that failed, and took the entire OS with it. Done, gone. Did I mention it didn't come with install disks? At least now I know why, it shipped with 9.1 and being a university, who knows where those ended up. Google (and thepiratebay) became my friend. There was a great deal of information out there, except for one little drawback, all the images I found would only be bootable in the G4 if it was burned in disk utility! Um, that sucks. I tried every workaround I could find, and was greeted with failure after failure (and a huge pile of fresh, new, shiny coasters!) Enter - Craigslist... I was at my wits end trying to get it back up and running when lo and behold a G4 came up on craigs stating it needed a power supply. A quick search on prices showed me why it was on craigs. (Ya want sticker shock? Google "buy G4 power supply") There was no price, so I emailed him. He said FREE! and he was 10 miles from my house. Go to pick it up and he hands me the tower (which is a freaking TWIN of the other one I have, a Digital Audio with dual 533's!), an Apple pro keyboard, and, get this, the ORIGINAL 9.1 install disks! SCORE! (Oh, and by the way, I'm typing this from that very G4. IDK what problem he had, but I plugged it in and it powered right up!) Anyway, got 'em both going, back to Tiger 10.4.11 and used the combo updates this time, no crashes, and decided I wanted to go ahead another step. Like everyone else, Snow Leopard! No dice, intel only. Ok then, Leopard! With the hacks to trick the install with processor speed I learned it could be done, but the result was most went back to Tiger because it just ran too slow on that old equipment. Now, the real reason I joined you, my HACKINTOSH! Like I said, I wanted Snow Leopard and sadly, I still do, but have nothing with SSE3 capabilities. All I had was a Toshiba Satellite A55-S1063 (yes, that's right, WalMart elcheapo). I researched the hell out of it, and didn't find one single successful install. A few attempts and worse, pages upon pages of ignored questions, failures, and problems. Did that deter me? Oh, hell no! After hours (yes, you read that right, HOURS. Not days, weeks, months, or years) of pulling my hair out, I have a working install on that very laptop, using the iATKOS v7 image. I admit I think I probably erased/reinstalled a dozen times, but it's working! Yes, I'm going to be posting that in the Leopard install forum, updating the wiki, ect, whatever I can do to help out. The hard part now is just remembering what options I used for the install! After so many attempts I kinda lost track. In fact this last install I automatically booted -v just so I could see where it would stall when it hung. i couldn't believe it when it didn't! Time to play! By the way, I'm still learning the terminal, it's been a very long time since I used a command line for much more than "fdisk" or "format C: /q" and as you know, those get used A LOT in WinDoze, but with a little guided help I'd be happy to post whatever specs, kexts, devil worshipers, boobies, whatever that's asked of me! Thanks for making it through my insanely happy post! Peace! Jim